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Foundation Grant Name Year
Research Corporation Synthesis of Early Transition Metal-Group 14 Element Compounds: Potential Precursors to Ferroelectrics 1988-1990
American Chemical Society-Petroleum Research Fund Synthesis of Molecular Precursors to Electronic Ceramics 1989-1991
Hope Faculty Development NMR Training Course 1989
Hope Faculty Development The Completion of NMR Studies on New Tin(II) Compounds 1990
American Chemical Society - Petroleum Research Fund Main Group Metal Alkoxide and Thiolate Compound 1991-1994
Pew Mid-States Science Consortium Cooperative Learning in Science 1992
NSF Short Course Cooperative Learning in Science and Mathematics 1993
Hope College Faculty Development Grant New Synthetic Routes to Important Materials 1993
NSF Development of a 'New Traditions' Inorganic Chemistry Course 1997
Glaxo-Wellcome Asymmetric Synthesis using Chiral Tin(II) Reagents 1997
Howard Hughes Medical Institute Curriculum Development The Development of a New Inquiry-Base Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory 1998
NSF ChemLinks Module Development 1998
NSF-AIRE The Development of a Super-Instructors Manual for the ChemConnections Curriculum 1999
NSF Development of a Guide to Teaching with Modules 1999
NSF-REU Research Experiences for Undergraduates at Hope College 2000-2003
Merck/AAAS Undergraduate Science Research Making New Bonds: Research at the Interface of Biology and Chemistry at Hope College (co-PI Chris Barney) 2001-2003
GlaxoSmithKline GlaxoSmithKline Undergraduate Summer Fellowship 2001
Simon Den Uyl Summer Fellowship Asymmetric Allylation Reactions Using Chiral Tin Complexes 2001
Michigan Dept. of Environmental Quality Measurement of the Internal and External Loading of Phosphorus from the Sediment to Surface Water in Lake Macatawa 2003-2005
Supplemental RET
Supplemental request to support a research experience for teachers (RET) at the Hope College Chemistry REU site: A Collaborative Student-Faculty Research Program in Chemistry and Biochemistry at Hope College 2004
Macatawa Area Coordinating Council High School Teacher Summer Research Support 2005
NSF-REU A Collaborative Student-Faculty Research Program in Chemistry and Biochemistry 2003-2007
Supplemental Support 2006
Carnegie Academy for the Advancement of Teaching Carnegie Scholar Award 2005-2006
Merck/AAAS Undergraduate Science Research Strengthening the Bonds: Joint Research in Biology and Chemistry at Hope College (co-PI Chris Barney) 2005-2007