Not all youth are leaving the church!

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The Generation Spark Strategy

Generation Spark gives church leaders a research-based action plan to not only retain youth (ages 16–24) and adults (ages 45 and older) but also attract and fully integrate them into the life and leadership of the church. Inspired by Hope College youth, this plan is intergenerational, relational and entrepreneurial.

Funded by a national foundation, the Generation Spark strategy helps churches bring together youth and adults in one-to-one mentoring relationships that have a unique shared purpose: to identify, assess and recommend solutions for real problems in church and community. A prayer partner supports each relationship.

Authentic, safe and non-threatening relationships between youth and adults are at the heart of Generation Spark. These relationships give youth and adults the opportunity to:

  • Learn from and about each other
  • Make a difference by solving church and community problems
  • Develop a deeper intimacy with Jesus while growing in calling, faith and prayer
  • Acquire and apply leadership skills, including critical thinking and problem-solving

“It’s not just talk, it’s action. In my 42 years of ministry... Generation Spark is unique in that it finally is doing the ‘something’ we have been talking about for decades by incorporating two of the overlooked groups — youth as well as older members — into the accomplishment of the task.” 
—Rev. Joel Boot, retired executive director of the Christian Reformed Church in North America

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