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From its inception, the Generation Spark team pledged that the imprint of youth would be reflected in every phase of this intergenerational relationship ministry.

To that end, we have engaged over 50 high school students in focus groups. In addition, Hope College student consultants have participated in the program research, design, development, implementation and evaluation of the Generation Spark model.

Student Leadership Team

  • Monica Ruser, lead student consultant
  • Caleb Greybill
  • Allie DeVries
  • Matt VanDyken
  • Kaelyn Tarsa
  • Chelsea Chamberlain
  • Holly Thompson
  • Christian Wehner
  • Stephanie Emanuele
  • Laurel Hall

Professional Trainer

  • Kathy Stanek

Generation Spark Staff

Program Director

    Program Assistant

       Cohort Liason