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Development Steps

Coral Generation Spark logoGeneration Spark is designed to progress through nine chronological steps. 

1. Presentation
Generation Spark (GS) Team members will present this intergenerational mentoring ministry to the senior pastor and other audiences convened by him/her.
2. Establish Exploratory Team
Interested pastors designate/convene an eight-member Exploratory Team, including four youth, to study GS and determine if the church possesses the call and capacity to adopt the ministry at this time. The GS Team leads this meeting.
3. Affirm Commitment
Church leaders affirm their commitment to pilot GS.
4. Identify Leadership
The pastor/governing board:
  • Assigns GS to outreach, discipleship and/or youth program at the church
  • Designates a staff person or volunteer to serve as part-time program director
  • Names an eight-person Leadership Team, composed of four youth and four adults representing the outreach, discipleship, youth and worship programs.
    • The Leadership Team is responsible for communication, problem research and prayer. The pastor serves as an advisor to the Leadership Team.
5. Training
GS trains the director to train the Leadership Team, youth, adults and other participants.
6. Implement Generation Spark
The Director and Leadership Team implement GS by:
  • Introducing the ministry to the congregation
  • Researching and selecting problem possibilities for the pilot phase of GS
  • Recruiting/training/matching a minimum of five youth, five adult mentors, a prayer partner for each relationship, and members with expertise in designated problem areas
  • Initiating problem-solving-based relationships
7. Lead the Ministry
The director and Leadership Team lead the ministry.
  • Director oversees and coaches the relationships and works with GS in evaluating the on-going ministry
  • The Leadership Team continuously communicates GS to the congregation and values participants in private and public settings
8. Present Recommended Solutions
 Youth and adults present their recommended solutions to a church audience.
9. Evaluation
The church GS director works with GS and Hope College’s Frost Research Center to evaluate the impact of the ministry on youth, adults and the congregation.