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Exploratory Team Process

Purpose of the Exploratory Team

The purpose of the Exploratory Team is to help the church fully understand Generation Spark (GS) and prayerfully determine if it possesses the call and capacity to be one of the first churches in America to launch this ministry. The GS Team will lead the Exploratory Team session and help members address the following issues:

  • Reviewing the mission and ministry of your church
  • Understanding GS
  • Will the church make the necessary commitments to offer GS at this time?

Exploratory Team MembersGeneration Spark black logo

  • The pastor
  • Four youth, aged 16–24, who are active in ministry
  • Four adults who represent the following church programs:
    • Outreach
    • Discipleship
    • Youth
    • Worship

Time Commitment

The Exploratory Team agenda will require one three-hour meeting. Additional meetings may be necessary if team members choose to either research related issues or engage other church members in the decision-making process.