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The Emmaus Scholars Program is open to every student who is looking to grow in faith, participate in a vibrant Christian community and learn about God’s work in the world.

We encourage all freshman, sophomores and juniors to apply. Applications are accepted throughout October and November with an early December deadline.

Students of all majors are welcome

The program’s emphasis on spiritual formation, theological reflection and the pursuit of social justice effectively complements all academic programs at Hope College.


Complete a short application in which you tell us something about yourself, your commitment to Christ, and any cross-cultural or short-term mission experiences you’ve had. In addition, you’ll be asked to share what you hope to learn as an Emmaus scholar. Don’t worry about providing a sophisticated understanding of the church, Christianity or mission. Instead, simply help us get to know you and your desire to have each of these become an increasingly important part of your life.

We encourage athletes, and all students who are involved in demanding programs at Hope, to apply to the Emmaus Scholars Program, provided they are willing to fully commit to participate in all aspects of the program. We know, for example, that the majority of student athletes show considerable discipline in organizing their lives in ways that allow them to perform at a high-level in both athletics and academics. We will work with each Emmaus Scholar to do all that we can to ensure that they can flourish and enjoy their involvement in both academic and athletic pursuits.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with further questions

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Annual open house showcasing the Emmaus living community to interested student applicants.