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Accident Injury Report

The Hope College Accident Injury Report should be filled out anytime there is an accident in which injury or the potential for serious injury could have occurred or did occur while working for Hope College.

A copy of the accident report should be forwarded to the Hope College Occupational Health and Fire Safety Office after it is completely filled out.

Click on the link below. Complete the form by using the Tab key to move from field to field. Once the form is completed, choose File, Save As to save the file to your Desktop.

Follow the instructions at the end of the form to e-mail the form or make a copy and send it to the Occupational Health and Fire Safety Office at 178 East 11th Street, Holland, MI  49423.

Hope College Accident-Injury Report Form (PDF)

Questions on how to complete these forms can be asked by contacting the Occupational Health and Fire Safety Office at X7999 or

If it is not already installed on your computer, you may need to download a PDF reader application such as Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to print this report.