Cook Villages 235

Photo of Cook Villages 235
Building Information
Monday - Thursday
9am - 5pm
10am - 4pm
235 East 12th StreetHolland, MI  49423

Opened in fall 2013, Cook Village can house 60 students in four townhouse-style apartments. The apartments are placed in a “U” design that allows for a shared quadrangle-style courtyard.

Each unit is between 4,800 and 4,900 square feet and is air conditioned.

Apartments include:

  • Extra-long twin beds that can be bunked
  • Desks and chairs
  • Dresser
  • Coffee table
  • Dining table and chairs

Cook Village was made possible in part by a major gift from the Peter C. and Emajean Cook Foundation and was named after Thomas M. Cook and Ryan T. Cook, their son and grandson, respectively.


A map showing the location for Cook Villages 235

Exhibition “Distant Tracings // Tracing Distance”

Placeholder Image Event image for Exhibition “Distant Tracings // Tracing Distance”

Artist Claudia Esslinger explores the concepts of connection and separation and the role that technology plays in facilitating or frustrating connections in the exhibition “Distant Tracings // Tracing Distance,” opening at the De Pree Art Center and Gallery at Hope College on Friday, Oct. 13.

Exhibition “Distant Tracings // Tracing Distance”
De Pree Art Center
Exhibition “Distant Tracings // Tracing Distance” 10:00 am - De Pree Art Center