DeWitt Student & Cultural Center

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141 East 12th StreetHolland, MI  49423-3607

DeWitt Student and Cultural Center serves as Hope College’s student, administrative and theater center. Originally built in 1971, the facility was expanded in 1983 to provide space for college administration after Van Raalte Hall was destroyed by a fire in 1980.

The Boerigter Center for Calling and Career is headquartered in DeWitt Student Center, and the building also holds the Hope Bookstore and Campus Print and Mail Services.

The Department of Theater performs productions for the student body and Holland community in the DeWitt theater, which also serves as a stage for shows put on by the Hope Summer Repertory Theatre program. The building's main theater and backstage area were remodeled during the 1996–97 school year.

DeWitt Student and Cultural Center was named for Dick and Jack DeWitt, the principal donors for the building.

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