History of Lubbers Hall

Lubbers hall
Building Information Name: Lubbers Hall Groundbreaking: June 4, 1941 Dedication: October 18th, 1974 Cost of construction: $250,000 Square footage: 25,000 

Lubbers Hall for Humanities and Social Sciences was renamed in honor of the seventh president, Irwin J. Lubbers.  Lubbers Hall was dedicated to him on October 18th, 1974.

Lubbers' architectural style is 17th century Dutch revival with stepped gables. The architects were Knecht, McCarty, and Thebaud, Inc. from Grand Rapids; Kammerad, Stroop and van der Leek, Inc.; and GMB Architects from Holland, MI. 

The construction companies were Earl H. Beckering from Grand Rapids; Lamar Construction(1974); and Elzing and Volkers from Holland, MI(2006). The Groundbreaking took place on June 4th 1941.

The materials used for construction were brick and limestone with steel casements, reinforced concrete floors, and a structural steel roof with slate shingles. The cost of the intial construction was $250,000.

Lubbers was renovated for the first time from March of 1974 to January of 1975, and in the summer of 2006 the interior was completely renovated. The cost of renovation was $360,000 in 1974 and 3,000,000 in 2006.


A map showing the location for History of Lubbers Hall