Dr. Elizabeth Sanford

Professor of Chemistry
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Dr. Elizabeth Sanford is a professor of chemistry and has been a member of the Hope faculty since 1994.

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  • Organic chemistry
  • General chemistry
  • General education
  • Preparation and electropolymerization of monomers for sensor applications


  • Postdoctoral, organic/polymer chemistry, Cornell University, 1994
  • Ph.D., chemistry (organic), University of California, 1992
  • B.A., chemistry, Smith College, 1987

Recent GRANTs

  • Howard Hughes Medical Institute Faculty Research Grant (Hope College), “The Development of an Electrochemical Array for Sensing Technology,” with K.L. Brown, $15,000 (2013)
  • The Jacob E. Nyenhuis Faculty Development Grant for Student/Faculty Cooperative Research, “The Development of an ‘Artificial Tongue’ for Sensing Applications” with B.P. Mulhern, $7,000 (2013)
  • “NSF REU Site: Achieving the Next Level: Research Experiences for Underserved Populations,” with K.L. Brown (PI) and G.F. Peaslee (PI), $275,000 (2012)
  • “NSF REU Site: Professional Excellence and Development in Science Through Undergraduate Research” with K. L. Brown and G. F. Peaslee, $185,540 (2009)
  • The Jacob E. Nyenhuis Faculty Development Grant for Student/Faculty Cooperative Research, “The Preparation of Highly Conjugated Small Molecules for Device Applications,” with A. Ketchum, $6,800 (2009)

Selected PUBLIcations

  • “Benzoylation of Ergosterol through Nucleophilic Acyl Substitution and Subsequent Formation of Ergosterol Benzoate Endoperoxide by Reaction with Singlet Oxygen Generated by Photosensitization,” with M.R. Roslaniec, Journal of Chemical Education, 88(2), 2011
  • “The Preparation of Allyl Phenyl Ether and 2 - Allyl Phenol Using the Williamson Ether Synthesis and Claisen Rearrangement,” with C.C. Lis and N.R. McPherson, Journal of Chemical Education, 86(12), 2009
  • “The Preparation and Enzymatic Hydrolysis of a Library of Esters,” with T.L. Smith, Journal of Chemical Education, 85(7), 2008
  • “Controlled Diffusion Coefficient Electrochromic Materials for use in Electrochromic Mediums and Associated Electrochromic Devices,” with T.S. Guarr, K.E. Roberts, R. Lin, K.L. Baumann, D.A. Theiste and P. Giri, (Gentex Corporation, Zeeland, Michigan), U.S. Patent 6 710 906, 2004
  • “Bromination, Elimination and Polymerization: A 3-Step Sequence for the Preparation of Polystyrene from Ethylbenzene,” with H. Hermann, Journal of Chemical Education, 77, 2000
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Dr. Elizabeth Sanford

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Schaap Science Center 3126 35 East 12th Street Holland, MI 49423-3605
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