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Assistant Professor of Sociology
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Dr. Rodrigo Serrão joined the Department of Sociology and Social Work at Hope College in 2020. His research, published in Brazil and the U.S., including Review of Religious Research, Latin American Perspectives, International Journal of Latin American Religions, Sociology of Religion, and Religião & Sociedade, focuses on race and ethnicity, religion, and immigration.

Currently, Dr. Serrão has been working on a research project called the “Privileged Latinx Project.” His focus is on those who identify racially as White and ethnically as Latina/o/x and those who are “White-passing” but prefer not to identify racially as White. In part, this research explores questions related to ethnic solidarity, privilege, racism, colorism and immigration among White Latinas/os/xs.

Professor Serrão has taught various courses, including Introduction to Sociology, Social Theory, Race and Ethnicity, Power and Society, Sociology of Religion, Senior Seminar and Contemporary Social Problems.

AREAS OF Expertise

  • Sociology of race and ethnicity
  • Sociology of religion
  • Immigration
  • Inequality
  • Latin American / Latina/o sociology


  • Ph.D., sociology, University of South Florida, 2020
  • Graduate certificate in Latin American and Caribbean Studies, University of South Florida, 2016
  • M.A., sociology, Universidade Federal da Paraiba, Brazil, 2014
  • M.Div., theology, Baylor University, 2008
  • B.A., biblical/theological studies, Baptist University of the Americas, 2005
  • B.S., accountancy, Universidade Federal da Paraiba, Brazil, 2001


  • Cultural Champion Award, Center for Diversity and Inclusion, Hope College, 2022
  • Faculty Award, Latino Student Organization, Hope College, 2022
  • Winner, Graduate Paper Competition, Division on Racial and Ethnic Minorities of the Society for the Study of Social Problems, 2019
  • Keith Roberts Teaching Innovations Award, SAGE Publishing, 2019
  • Constant H. Jacquet Research Award, Title of the Grant Project, "Winning 'Americans' for Jesus?: Second-Generation, Racial Ideology, and the Future of the Brazilian Evangelical Church in the U.S," Religious Research Association, 2018

Selected Publications

  • "Evangelicismo Imigrante na Pandemia: Posições de Igrejas Evangélicas nos Estados Unidos," with João Chaves in Religião em Tempos de COVID-19: Vírus, Biopoder e Vida. EdUENF, 2022
  • Negotiating Belonging: Race, Class, and Religion in the Brazilian Quest for ‘Becoming American,’” Sociology of Religion, 2022
  • Intergenerational transition in an Evangelical Church and a Spiritist Center in the United States: an initial analysis,” [published in Portuguese] Religião & Sociedade 41:195–216, 2022
  • "Racializing Region: Internal Colonialism, Social Media, and the Perpetuation of Stereotypes and Prejudice against Brazilian Nordestinos," Latin American Perspectives, 2020
  • "Immigrant Evangelicalism in the COVID-19 Crisis: Reactions and Responses," with João Chaves,  International Journal of Latin American Religions, 2020
  • "The Social Functions and Dysfunctions of Brazilian Immigrant Congregations in 'Terra Incognita'," with James Cavendish, Review of Religious Research, 2018
  • "From Brazil to the World: How Do Classic Weberian Concepts Help Understand the Successful Transnational Endeavors of Worldwide Church of God's Power?," with Flávia Pires (published in Portuguese), Ciências da Religião – História e Sociedade, 2014
  • "The Church as a Piece of Brazil: Transnational Religion in the Capital of Texas," with Flávia Pires (published in Portuguese), in Transnacionalização Religiosa: Religiões em Movimento, CirKula, 2014

Outside the College

Rodrigo Serrao is a native of Brazil, where he grew up surfing at the Brazilian northeastern coast's warm beaches. In West Michigan, he hasn't had a chance to surf at Lake Michigan yet, but he plans to do so. Although Dr. Serrao, his wife Adriana, and daughter Liz are from the tropics, they are excited about living in Holland. They love traveling, exploring, and also staying indoors, playing videogames and watching good movies.

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Dr. Rodrigo Serrao

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