Dr. Joanne Stewart

Elmer E. Hartgerink Professor of Chemistry
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Dr. Joanne Stewart is a professor of chemistry and has been a member of the Hope faculty since 1988.

Joanne has her own research group through the Chemistry Department. The focus of the group is to question how students develop their abilities to address real, complex, science-rich problems. During the duration of her career she has worked with 54 undergraduate students.

While studying at the University of California Berkeley, Joanne conducted her thesis research with Professor Richard A. Andersen on synthesis and characterization of uranium amide and alkoxide compounds. While studying at Kalamazoo College, she conducted undergraduate research on transition metal metallocyclic compounds with Dr. Thomas J. Smith and on metal-metal multiply bonded compounds with Dr. Malcolm H. Chisholm. Joanne was also able to complete partial fulfillment of her B.A. requirements at the Friedrich-Alexander University in the Federal Republic of Germany, from 1980–81.

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  • Chemistry research
  • Science teaching


  • Ph.D., inorganic chemistry, University of California Berkeley, 1988 
  • B.A., chemistry, Kalamazoo College, 1982


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Profile photo of Dr. Joanne Stewart
Dr. Joanne Stewart

Phone Number616.395.7634

A. Paul Schaap Science Center 2057 35 East 12th Street Holland, MI 49423-3605
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