Vicki TenHaken

Retired Faculty
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Vicki TenHaken ’73 became a management professor in 2000. She taught:

  • Introduction to Management
  • Management Perspectives and Theory
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Managing for Environmental Sustainability
  • Management Seminar capstone

She was the George F. Baker Scholars advisor starting in 2008 and was the Ruch Director of the Baker Scholars starting in 2014. She held executive positions at Herman Miller Inc., including executive vice president of strategic planning, vice president and general manager of retail, vice president of marketing, director of new business development and director of corporate planning. She has also held human resources management positions at General Electric.

Areas of expertise

  • Corporate longevity
  • Management development


  • M.B.A. Grand Valley State University, 1981
  • B.A., Hope College, 1973

Honors, grants and awards

  • Ruch Director of the Baker Scholars Program, 2014
  • Aspen Institute Wye Fellow, 2008
  • Fulbright Scholar, Poland, 2007–08
  • GLCA Japan Study Grant, 2005
  • Hope College Summer Faculty Grant, 2002
  • FORTUNE magazine's Most Powerful Women in Business Conference, 1999, 2000
    TED Conference, 1999, 2000
  • GVSU Executive in Residence & Distinguished Alumni Award, 1998

Selected publications


  • The Everyday Leader: A Handbook for New Managers, 2012

Articles and Book Chapters

  • “Moving Beyond ‘It Was Great!’ Using Short-Term Study Abroad Programs to Prepare Students for Leadership in a Global Economy,” Pepperdine’s Journal of Global Leadership, December 2014
  • “Are Servant Leaders Born or Made?” with V.V. Claar & L.L. Jackson, Servant Leadership: Theory & Practice, August 2014
  • “Designing Study Abroad Programs to Develop Global Competencies for the Twenty-First Century Organization,” International Journal of Business and Management, May 2014
  • “Comparison of Management between Japanese and American Long-Lived Companies: Commonalities and Differences based on the Findings from the Questionnaire Surveys.” with M. Kanda, A. Fujita & J. Yamada, The Bulletin of Institute for Research in Business and Economics, December 2013
  • “Are Relationships the Key to Corporate Longevity?” with M. Kanda & N. T. Meshkin, International Journal of Social Sciences, fall 2013
  • “A Study of Very Old Japanese Companies:  Are There Common Survival Strategies?” with M. Kanda, Global Competitiveness In a Time of Economic Uncertainty and Social Change: Current Issues and Future Expectations, 2012.
  • “Hope for the East: Entrepreneurial Attitudes of MBA Students in Two Transition Economies Relative to Those in the United States” with R. Frey, V. Claar & M. Sarucki, International Journal of Business Excellence, 2012
  • “Entrepreneurial Attitudes of MBA Students in the West Relative to the CIS: The Case of Armenia,” with V. Claar & R. Frey, International Business & Economics Research Journal, February 2009
  • “Human Finitude and Specialized Production:  A Christian-Realist Rationale for Business Enterprises,” with J. Lunn, Markets and Morality, fall 2008
  • “Lessons Learned from Comparing Survival Behaviors of Very Old Japanese and American Companies,” International Business and Economics Research Journal, January 2008
  • “Survival Behaviors of 100-Year-Old West Michigan Retail and Service Companies,” Journal of Business & Economics Research, with E. Cohen, August 2007
  • “Middle Management as A Calling,” Journal of Biblical Integration in Business, with R. Klay & J. Lunn, fall 2004
  • “When Good Management Isn’t Enough: The Story of a Czech Business in the 20th Century,” Journal of College Teaching & Learning, September 2004
  • “Everyday Leaders,” International Business & Economics Research Journal, May 2003
  • “Strategies of Century-Old Businesses: The Secrets to Success May Not Be What You Were Taught in Business School,” with M. Kanda, Global Business Conference 2014 Proceedings: Questioning the Widely-Held Dogmas, Innovation Institute, October 2014
  • “Moving Beyond ‘It Was Great:’ Designing Short-Term Study Abroad Programs to Prepare Students for Leadership in a Global Economy,” International Center for Global Leadership Conference Proceedings, July 2014
  • “Effects of Size, Industry and Type of Ownership on Business Firm Longevity,” Fulfilling the Worldwide Sustainability Challenge: Strategies, Innovations, and Perspectives for Forward Momentum in Turbulent Times, 2011
  • “Entrepreneurial Attitudes in the West Relative to the CIS: The Case of Armenia,” with V. Claar, Enterprises in the Face of 21st Century Challenges, 2008
  • “Entrepreneurial Attitudes of Fourth-Year Business Students in the U.S. Relative to Those in a Former Eastern Bloc Country: The Case of Poland,” with V. Claar & M. Szarucki; Proceedings of the Association for Global Business 20th Annual Conference, November 2008

Outside the college

Vicki is a speaker and consultant in the area of corporate longevity. She has done nonprofit work for Resthaven Senior Care Community and Holland City Airport.

Profile photo of  Vicki TenHaken
Vicki TenHaken
Retired Faculty
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