Several scholarly articles by Charles Huttar, an emeritus member of the Hope College English  faculty, have appeared in print recently.

          The quarterly journal "Modern Philology," which is
  published by the University of Chicago, included in its
  latest issue his "Translating French Proverbs and Idioms:
  Anne Locke's Renderings from Calvin."  The 25-page study
  focuses, Huttar explains, on "a 16th-century woman author
  who has received considerable attention recently, after
  centuries of neglect."  Anne Locke was a leader in the
  Protestant community of Elizabethan London as well as a
  translator and poet.
          "The Unorthodox Orthodoxy of Charles Williams"
  appeared in the "Charles Williams Society Newsletter,"
  published in London, England.  It consists of the address
  Huttar gave at the Society's annual meeting in 1997.
          A reference volume, "Dictionary of Biblical
  Imagery," published simultaneously in the United States and
  England by InterVarsity Press, includes three articles by
  Huttar. The topics are "Hide, Hiding," "Name" and "Tears."
          Huttar is an emeritus professor of English who
  taught at Hope for 30 years. Since retiring from teaching in
  1996 he has concentrated on scholarly research in a wide
  variety of fields.