It will be the art within that goes on display, but shipping the pieces has required creativity and hard work, too.

          A total of 38 paintings by Delbert Michel,
  professor of art at Hope College, are destined for
  Groeneveld Almelo, the Netherlands, where they will be
  featured in a one-person exhibition opening on Sunday, May
  2, at the "GalerieandSkulpturenpark."
          The works being shipped include an eight-foot by
  14-foot painting, 25 other large-scale works and a variety
  of smaller paintings.  They are all contained within three
  giant plywood crates weighing hundreds of pounds each.
          The crates were custom made for Michel by the
  college's maintenance department.  According to plan, Michel
  disassembled his work somewhat to store it within the
  containers.  They left campus on Wednesday, Feb. 24, and
  after they've reached their destination, crossing the
  Atlantic by ship, he'll fly over in April and put his work
  back together.
          It was during a visit to the Netherlands two years
  ago that Michel was invited to have a solo exhibition of his
  work in the gallery.  Works by internationally known Dutch
  sculptor Cyril Lixenberg will be displayed on the grounds of
  the sculpture park at the same time as Michel's show.
          The concept for their concurrent solo exhibitions
  is to feature work by artists from "the two Hollands."  The
  exhibition will run until October 3.