Hope College will present honorary degrees to Maurice Kawashima and Dr. Richard Wunder on Friday, April 23.

          Each will receive the Doctor of Letters.  The
  degrees will be conferred during a dinner at the college.
          "Richard Wunder is a scholar and a notable expert
  in the field of art history, and he was formerly a vice
  president of Christie's in New York," said Dr. John H.
  Jacobson, president of Hope College.  "Beginning nearly 20
  years ago he took a strong interest in Hope College and gave
  generously from his own collection of art books to our
  library, and also encouraged some of his friends and
  professional associates to make comparable gifts."
          "Maurice Kawashima is a well-known and highly-
  regarded expert on various aspects of the clothing industry.
  Until recently he was a professor at the Fashion Institute
  of Design in New York City," he said.  "He is also a highly
  knowledgeable collector of artworks.  He made a magnificent
  gift of recent and contemporary Japanese ceramics to the
          "They have each played a significant role in
  fostering and furthering the college's relationship with
  Kenji Tanaka and Technos International University in Japan,
  which has benefitted Hope College in many ways," he said.
          Kawashima established his own fashion company,
  Masaaki New York.  His career has included serving as a
  chief designer for Daimaru Inc. in Japan; as a designer for
  Elizabeth Arden Sales Corp., N.Y., and Nicholas Sportswear
  Inc., N.Y.; and an assistant designer for Pauline Trigere,
  N.Y., and Sarff-Zumpano Inc., N.Y.  He established the
  Safari line for Suzuya Company Inc., Japan, and mounted his
  own fashion shows held in Hotel Okura, Tokyo, and at the
  United Nations in New York.
          He was a professor of fashion design with the
  Fashion Institute of Technology in New York from 1965 to
  1990, the first Japanese-born faculty member to be granted
  full professorship with tenure.  Since 1965 he has also been
  a guest professor with the Bunka College of Fashion and an
  honorary professor with the Chyo Tanaka School of Fashion,
          Kawashima's publications include the books
  "Standard Text of Pattern Grading," "Fundamentals of Men's
  Fashion Design" and "Men's Outerwear Design--Fundamentals of
  Pattern Making."  He holds Japanese patents on three special
  measuring instruments used in the fashion industry.
          He has received various international awards in
  fashion design, and has been cited in numerous Japanese and
  English language publications relative to his career and
  fashion designs.  He is a Commander brother in the Venerable
  Order of St. John of Jerusalem, an honor bestowed by Queen
  Elizabeth II of Great Britain.
          Kawashima was born in Tokyo, Japan, and became a
  naturalized U.S. citizen in 1975.  He holds a bachelor's
  degree from Bunka College of Fashion, an associate degree in
  applied science from the Fashion Institute of Technology and
  a certificate in fashion design from Parsons School of
  Design in New York.
          Wunder is a past president of Christie, Manson and
  Woods International Appraisals, New York.  His career has
  also included serving as a senior research fellow with the
  Smithsonian Institution; as founding director of the Cooper-
  Hewitt National Museum of Design, Smithsonian Institution,
  New York; as assistant director, and as curator of paintings
  and sculpture, of the National Collection of Fine Arts
  (today the National Museum of American Art), Smithsonian
  Institution, New York; as curator of drawings and prints
  with the Museum for the Arts of Decoration, Cooper Union for
  the Advancement of Science and Art; and as assistant to the
  director of the Fogg Art Museum at Harvard University.
          He has been a lecturer in the fine arts at
  Middlebury College, where he was the John Hamilton Fulton
  Lecturer during 1975-76; a professor of art with the United
  States Department of Agriculture; and a professor of
  chalcography with the Cooper Union for the Advancement of
  Science and Art.
          His books include "Extravagant Drawings of the
  Eighteenth Century in the Cooper Union Museum," "Frederic
  Edwin Church" and "Hiram Powers:  Vermont Sculptor."
          Wunder was named a knight of the Venerable Order
  of St. John of Jerusalem in 1987, and received the
  Smithsonian Institution's Charles Eldredge Prize in 1992.
          He served with the United States Army in the
  European Theatre during World War II, and in the continental
  United States from 1950 to 1952.
          Wunder holds his bachelor's degree from Harvard
  College, and his master's and doctorate from Harvard
  University.  His doctoral emphasis is on the history and
  principals of the fine arts, with a specialty in French and
  Italian art of the 17th and 18th centuries, and also
  American 19th century art.