A total of six piano students received cash awards following the annual Bach Competition held at the college at the conclusion of the spring semester.

          The winners chosen were:  Robin Bolt, a member of
  the Class of 1999 from Lansing; Susan De Kam, a sophomore
  from Caledonia; Laura Donnelly, a junior from Holland; Asuka
  Miyaso, a non-degree student from Tokyo, Japan; Beth Quimby,
  a member of the Class of 1999 from Williamsville, N.Y.; and
  Gwen Veldhof, a member of the Class of 1999 from Zeeland.
  In addition, sophomore Piper Spratt of Mattawan received an
  Honorable Mention.
          The purpose of the annual competition is to
  stimulate interest in the keyboard music of J.S. Bach, and
  to foster the systematic study of his music from the
  Inventions to the Preludes and Fugues and other extended
  works.  The competition is underwritten each year by Dr.
  Anthony Kooiker, professor emeritus of music at Hope.
          The adjudicator was Roberta Kraft, adjunct
  assistant professor of music at Hope.  The prizes totaled