Dr. Rodney Boyer of the Hope College chemistry faculty has been selected to serve as a member of the editorial board for the new international journal "Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education."

          The aim of "Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  Education" is to assist in the teaching of biochemistry and
  molecular biology at the college, graduate school and
  medical school level throughout the world.  The audience of
  the journal will be instructors at universities and colleges
  who teach biochemistry, molecular biology, and related
  fields such as microbiology and cell biology.
          Some of Boyer's responsibilities on the board
  include reviewing articles for publication, writing articles
  for the journal and helping direct editorial policy.  In
  addition to the printed journal, the editorial board will
  also design and maintain web sites for use by university
          Boyer is the Edward and Elizabeth Hofma Professor
  of Chemistry at Hope, where he has been a member of the
  faculty since 1974.  He teaches biochemistry courses at the
  college, and in 1999 he was appointed to a three-year term
  on the Task Force on Educational Resources for the American
  Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.
          During his 25 years at Hope he has directed the
  research of more than 70 undergraduate students, published
  more than 40 papers in peer-reviewed journals and written
  three biochemistry textbooks.  His research interests
  include the metabolism of iron and reactive forms of
  ribonucleic acid (RNA).
          Boyer is on a leave of absence during the 1999-
  2000 academic year, working on the third edition of his book
  "Modern Experimental Biochemistry."  He will be retiring
  from teaching and research at the end of the current
  academic year, but will continue to write biochemistry
  textbooks and journal articles and be actively involved in
  other professional activities.