The weekly student newspaper at Hope College, "The Anchor," won a third place award during the "Best of the Midwest College Newspaper Convention," which was sponsored by the Associated Collegiate Press and held in Minneapolis, Minn., on Friday-Sunday, March 3-5.

          "The Anchor" was recognized in the category for
  four-year colleges and universities with 5,000 or fewer
  students for its Wednesday, Jan. 19, 2000, issue.  The
  awards, which recognize general excellence, were presented
  during a ceremony on Sunday, March 5.
          There were nine entries in the category for four-
  year colleges with 5,000 or fewer students.  First place
  went to the "Grand Views" of Grand View College in Des
  Moines, Iowa, and second place to "The Exponent" of the
  University of Wisconsin at Platteville.
          Awards were also presented in four other
  categories:  four-year colleges with greater than 5,000
  enrollment, two-year colleges, on-line publications and
  specialty publications.
          The "Anchor" prints 2,500 copies of each issue,
  and publishes about 25 times per school year.  Mike Zuidema,
  a senior from Holland, is the editor-in-chief.
          More than 220 delegates representing 37
  publications attended the "Best of the Midwest College
  Newspaper Convention," which included not only the awards
  ceremony but workshops on topics relating to college
  journalism.  The Midwest region covers Michigan west to the
  Dakotas, and as far south as Missouri and Kansas.
          The Associated Collegiate Press is more than 70
  years old.  Approximately 700 college publication staffs and
  more than 1,200 high school publication staffs nationwide
  are members, including newspapers, yearbooks, literary
  magazines and video broadcast groups.