The Knickerbocker Theatre of Hope College is featuring four films during its fall, 2000, film series, which runs Friday, Nov. 3, through Friday, Dec. 8.

The four films are "Spike and Mike's classic
Animation Festival 2000" (Friday, Nov. 3, Monday-Thursday,
Nov. 6-9), "Shower" (Friday-Thursday, Nov. 10-16), "Set Me
Free" (Friday-Thursday, Nov. 24-30) and "The Color of
Paradise" (Friday-Friday, Dec. 1-8). Except for Sundays,
when the Knickerbocker is closed, each film will show at 7
p.m. and 9 p.m. nightly during its run.

"Spike and Mike's classic Animation Festival 2000"
continues the pair's tradition of bringing some of the
world's best short animations to the screen. The film
includes animation shorts from as far away as Czechoslovakia
and from studios such as Aardman animations. The film is
rated PG-13.

"Shower" centers around the conflict between
traditional ways and the modern world. The film focuses on
a wealthy young man who despite himself begins to value the
traditions represented in his family's business, a public
bathhouse. He ultimately tries to prevent the progress of
the modern world from destroying it. "Shower" is in Chinese
with English subtitles, and is rated PG-13.

"Set Me Free" examines the potential of film to
shape life. An unhappy teen in a house filled with
conflict, the central character adopts the "I am
responsible" credo of the heroine from Jean-Luc Godard's "My
Life to Live" and sets her life direction accordingly. The
film is in French with English subtitles, and is rated PG-

"The Color of Paradise" centers around a blind
eight-year-old boy who appreciates the world that he
experiences through his heightened other senses. Seeking to
remarry, his widower father resents him as an obstacle to
his wedding plans and apprentices him far from home.
Ultimately, though, the father must face his responsibility
to his son. "The Color of Paradise" is in Persian/Farsi
with English subtitles, and is rated PG.

The Knickerbocker Theatre is located at 86 E. 8th
St. in downtown Holland. Tickets cost $5 for regular adult
admission, and $4 for senior citizens and students.

Additional information about the series may be
obtained by calling the Knickerbocker Theatre's information
line at (616) 395-7403.