Orbis Press has recently published a book co-authored by Dr. Miguel A. De La Torre, assistant professor of religion at Hope College.

The book, written with Edwin Aponte of Perkins Seminary, is titled "Introducing Latino/a Theology," and surveys the history, nature, sources and development of Hispanic Christian theologies in the United States.

In addition, the book considers the nature of the relationship between Hispanic theology and Hispanic identity as it is manifested in practices and traditions among Latino/as. The interrelationship between religion, community, and culture in the Latino/a context and its impact on the development and nature of Hispanic theologies are also considered. Prominent theologians, both Roman Catholic and Protestant, are discussed, as are significant and recurring themes in Hispanic theology.

According to De La Torre, one important factor of the book is that it will clearly distinguish both the differences and similarities between how Hispanics and Euroamericans do theology. The book provides its readers with a basic knowledge of the prominent Christian theologian traditions and movements among Hispanics in the United States. Furthermore, the book addresses the question of possible common Hispanic spirituality.

De La Torre is expecting three more books to be published next year: "Reading the Bible from the Margins," also by Orbis Press; "The Quest for the Cuban Christ," by University of Florida Press; and "La Lucha for Cuba: Religion and Politics on the Streets of Miami," by University of California Press. In addition, he is working on two new projects: "Introducing Santeria," to be published by Eeardman Press; and "Handbook on U.S. Theologies of Liberation," to be published by Chalice Press.

De La Torre has been a member of the Hope faculty since 1999. He was previously an instructor at Temple University for four years, and prior to that had been an adjunct instructor at Boyce Bible College. He has also been a visiting professor at West Chester University, Immaculata College and Rutgers University.

His publications also include the book "Ajiaco Christianity: Toward an Exilic Cuban Ethic of Reconciliation," and several book chapters and articles. His numerous professional activities include serving as a member of the editorial board for the "Journal of Religious Ethics," and as founder and organizer of "Etica Latina: A Hispanic Ethical Perspective," an interest group for the Society of Christian Ethics."

De La Torre holds a doctorate and master of arts in religion from Temple University; a master of divinity from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; and a master of public affairs from American University. He completed his undergraduate degree in political science at Florida International University.