The Dance 29 concert will feature tap, jazz, modern and ballet works choreographed by Hope faculty.

This year's concert will be presented Thursday through Saturday, March 6-8, in the main theatre of the DeWitt Center, located on Columbia Avenue at 12th Street. Curtain time for all performances will be 8 p.m.

Roseanne Barton-DeVries, lecturer in dance, will be presenting a tap piece, titled "1927 Time-Steps 2003." The piece is set to Peter Allen's "Everything Old is New Again" and Down to the Bone's "Pound of Sound," and will include vintage chorus choreography of the "Shim Sham," the "Freeze Chorus" and the "Shim Sham II" by Leonard Reed.

"Forever Without End... As It Was" is a modern piece choreographed by Julio Enrique Rivera, visiting associate professor of dance. The work is set to music by Pook / Brough. It contains three sections: "the angels watch," "origins" and "beyond today... maybe tomorrow."

Amanda Smith, lecturer in dance, has choreographed an en pointe ballet piece titled "Albinoni." The piece is set to the music of Tomaso Albinoni and contains three movements.

"Over the Top," choreographed by Ray Tadio, visiting assistant professor of dance, is a jazz piece, a high-energy ride that is equally difficult technically. The music for the piece is "Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby" with vocalist Dinah Washington and composers Rae & Christian.

Dawn McIlhargey, lecturer in dance, choreographed a jazz piece titled "Bluer Pastures" and set to the music of Kasey Chambers. The piece has two movements: "Little Bit Lonesome" and "Still Feeling Blue."

Steven Iannacone, associate professor of dance and co-artistic director of Aerial Dance Theatre, choreographed a modern piece titled "On The Road Again... Again... Again... Again..." The music is still being determined.

"Captured in Passing (En Passant)" is the title of the ballet piece choreographed by M. Linda Graham, associate professor of dance and co-artistic director of Aerial Dance Theatre. The music is by Gustavo Santaolalla. Community members Ti Van Haitsma, who is a 1932 Hope graduate, and Ethan Fedij, who is an elementary school student, make an appearance in the piece as the players of an abstract chess game.

Guest choreographer Avi Kaiser will present his modern piece titled "Not All Islands Are Surrounded By Water." The piece is an artistic collaboration with Sergio Antonino. The music is by Nicola Sami and Goldfrapp.

Hope College students involved in Dance 29 are: freshman Jennica Avery of Rochester, N.Y.; junior Cynthia Bachhuber of Madison, Wis.; junior Amanda Boboltz of Alpena; junior Katie Budris of Libertyville, Ill.; senior Carla Carrozziere of Rochester, N.Y.; sophomore Colleen Cooney of Radcliff, Ky.; sophomore Madeline Crist of South Whitley, Ind.; junior Kathleen Davenport of Gainesville, Fla.; sophomore Jade Davis of Battle Creek; senior Amanda Drozer of Detroit; senior Noelle Davids of Big Rapids; senior Mary Dunlap of Saline; senior Kara Eisenbrandt of Stevensville; junior Dawn Flandermeyer of Saint Charles, Mo.; junior Alina Fry of Saint Joseph.

Also: sophomore Sarah Gardener of New Castle, Pa.; sophomore Amanda Gardynik of Howell; freshman Paula Grahmann of Verona, Wis.; sophomore Clarissa Gregory of Portage, Wis.; sophomore Molly Hamel of Wyoming; freshman Peter Hammer of Laurel, Mont.; junior Collette Harris of Chicago, Ill.; sophomore Nicole Herbst of Menomonee Falls, Wis.; sophomore Alexandria Kealey of Merton, Wis.; sophomore Jeffrey Kurtze of Elkhart, Ind.; freshman Kathleen Lewis of Grand Ledge; freshman Lauren Lochner of Troy; freshman Sarah Loomis of Fredonia, N.Y.; freshman Lauren March of West Lafayette, Ind.; senior Helen Meronek of Almont; sophomore Jessica Mumford of Kalamazoo; junior Tara Mistry of Schaumburg, Ill.; sophomore Jessica Nelson of Saint Joseph; senior Amanda Olson of Oak Park, Ill.; freshman Ashley Perez of Honeoye Falls, N.Y.

And: sophomore Alexandra Kealey of Merton, Wis.; freshman Alison Rickey of Richmond, Ind.; junior Dolores Sanchez of Whiting, Ind.; freshman Sona Smith of Chicago, Ill.; junior Ashley Stoneburner of Fort Wayne, Ind.; freshman Jamie Thompson of Saint Joseph; junior Lindsay Townsend of Lombard, Ill.; sophomore Ginny Trover of Lafayette, Ohio; sophomore Kelly Vance of Portage; junior Teresa Vandenend of Ripley, Ohio; senior Bethany White of Evansville, Ind.; junior Abby Whitenight of Ludington; freshman Julie Wylie of Powell, Ohio; and freshman Carlynn Zahn of Beloit, Wis.

Maxine DeBruyn and Linda Graham are the concert's coordinators. Erik Alberg is the technical director and lighting designer. Cindy Alberg is the stage manager.

Tickets for Dance 29 will be available beginning Wednesday, Feb. 26, from the theatre lobby ticket office located in DeWitt Center, and cost $7 for regular adult admission, and $5 for senior citizens, students and members of Hope College faculty and staff. The ticket office will be open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. and Saturday from noon until 5 p.m., and may be called at (616) 395-7890.