The Hope College Annual Fall Student Dance Concert will run Monday and Tuesday, Nov. 20-21, at the Knickerbocker Theatre, and on Tuesday, Nov. 28, at the Dow Center dance studio. All performances will be at 8 p.m.

The public is invited. Admission is free.

The concerts will showcase works choreographed and performed by Hope College students. In addition, "Java Jostled," a featured work choreographed and performed by the dance production class, will premiere in the Knickerbocker venue.

The piece by the dance production class is a collaborative effort, with the class involved in every aspect of the production including choreographing, performing, sound design, lighting, and costume design. The multimedia creation has two movements that explore how one person's reaction to a single event can impact an entire community directly or indirectly, positively or negatively.

According to Ray Tadio, assistant professor of dance, "What's outstanding about this production class is the way that the collaborative process mirrors the theme in that the individual contributions impact the final group result."

Dancers in the piece, who are also the students in the class, are Sommer Amundsen, Julie Marie Carrico, Cami Grimwood, Sharon Havens, Kali Hess, Anna L. Jonkman, Jamie Klein, Deborah O'Connell, Laurie Parker, Megan Pincombe, Emma Rainwater, Joanna Rodriguez, Annie Snow, Lauren Sparks and Krista Stanton.

"Boogie," by Sarah Williams, is an upbeat mix of ballet with a touch of jazz. Williams is president of Hope College's Ballet Club, and says her piece is about "celebrating positive female roles during (the World War Two) time period."

Other pieces include "In Hindsight," by Sharon Havens; "God's Song," by Haley Bartel; and Steven Rodriguez's "Study #1," a solo composed and choreographed for his wife, dancer Joanna Rodriguez. A piece to honor Paul Baeverstad, a Hope College student who died this summer, was created and will be performed by Amanda Piagnarelli. The piece, "It Was Good," will feature live music by Christian Piers and Danielle Constantin.

The Knickerbocker Theatre is located at 86 E. Eighth St. in downtown Holland. The Dow Center is located on 13th Street at Columbia Avenue.