Hope College staff members were recognized for service during the college's 28th annual service award celebration on Friday, Feb. 1.

 Hope College staff members were recognized for service during the college's 28th annual service award celebration on Friday, Feb. 1.

Honored as retirees were Barry L. Werkman, business services office, 40 years of service; Betty J. Dolley, copy center, 30 years of service; Barb Helmus, health services, 28 years of service; Elaine VanWieren, campus safety, 22 years of service; and Ronald Evink, physical plant, 21 years of service.

Recognized for 40 years of service were Tom Renner, public relations, and Maria C. Tapia, computing and information technology.

Honored for 30 years were Rick Middlecamp, physical plant, and Cheryl McGill Schairer, social sciences.

Recognized for 25 years of service were James H. Bailey, physical plant; Elizabeth Colburn, Upward Bound; Pauline Rozeboom, computing and information technology; Paula J. Shaughnessy, Hope-Geneva Bookstore; and Edna M. Zeeff, physical plant.

Marking 20 years of service were Abraham Z. Anaya, computing and information technology; Merrie B. Bannink, registrar's office; Steven L. Bareman, computing and information technology; Karen Bos, public relations; Sharon K. Hoogendoorn, registrar's office; Judyth M. Thomas, theatre; Douglas L. VanDyken, business services office; James C. VanHeest, college advancement; Rick Wissink, physical plant; and Kristen A. Witkowski, computing and information technology.

Fifteen-year honorees were Norma Buursma, physical plant; Jamie L. Dewitt, kinesiology; Dianne DeYoung, college advancement; Janet Gibson, admissions; Sharon Grotenhuis, physical plant; Jeanne Marie Lindell, Academic Support Center; and Lynne M. Powe, public relations.

Honored for 10 years of service were Gayle Bleeker, physical plant; Lori Bouwman, campus ministries; James C. Brown, physical plant; Nancy Curnick, campus safety; Patricia M. Dalman, DeWitt Tennis Center; Darlene Dirkse, physical plant; Timothy S. Drost, physical plant; Melanie S. Mason, physical plant; Jil A. Ponstein, mathematics; Karen Schakel, Van Raalte Institute; Shelly J. VanLoo, transportation; Cynthia Vogelzang, student development; and Leigh Wendtland-O'Connor, counseling.

Marking five years of service were Anne Bakker, DeVos Fieldhouse; Carla A. Bender, financial aid; Patricia Ann Blankestyn, advancement services; James N. Boelkins, provost's office; Stephanie W. Brumels, dance; Brian L. Brunink, physical plant; Toni R. Bulthuis, health services; Kathryn S. Frillmann, college advancement; Carrie T. Hodson, music; Maria Cristina Ivey, provost's office; Jack A. Otten, physical plant; Moy Rasasak, physical plant; Kathryn W. Sundararajan, campus ministries; Larry D. VanderYacht, physical plant; Kristin L. VanHaitsma, art; and Rebecca Ellen Velthuis, physical plant.