Dr. Jack Holmes of the Hope College political science faculty presented a paper co-authored with Hope junior Gretchen Keillor of Ravenna, Ohio, and participated in a panel discussion during the 49th annual convention of the International Studies Association, held in San Francisco, Calif., on Wednesday-Saturday, March 26-29.

The paper analyzes the foreign policy choices facing the American public in the 2008 election in long-term perspective, and was presented as part of a panel which looked at American foreign policy possibilities during the next few years. The paper concludes that some changes are to be expected and will vary depending on which of the three remaining major candidates wins in November, but that there will be substantial continuity due to long-term trends and world conditions.

Holmes, a professor of political science at Hope, served as chair and a discussant on another panel evaluating the foreign policy of George W. Bush. The panel considered a wide variety of viewpoints, including some international scholars. Holmes noted that a number of issues were raised and that the papers presented made several suggestions for foreign policy improvement.