Hope College will host the annual Summer Undergraduate Michigan Mathematics Research (SUMMR) Conference on Monday, July 21, with approximately 65 participants attending.

The event will include research students and faculty from Hope, Central Michigan University and Grand Valley State University, and will be held at the A. Paul Schaap Science Center.  The conference will include presentations on a total of 18 research projects.                      

 The campus community is invited to attend.  Admission is free.                      

The projects will be presented in six 20-minute blocks starting at 9:30 a.m. and concluding at 1:45 p.m., with three running concurrently, in different locations, during each session.                   

The six Hope presentations will be in room 1128 of the science center.  The Hope topics and presenters are:

          9:30 a.m.:  "Pseudo-Orbit Shadowing in Continuous Decreasing Functions On the Unit Interval," by Dan Lithio, Alex Berrian and Forrest Gordon;

          9:55 a.m.:  "Keeping a Bicycle Upright:  A Mathematical Modeling Project," by Blair Williams;

          10:30 a.m.:  "A Linear Trend Test for Including Duplicate Genotype Data in a Genetic Test for Association," by Bryce Borchers, Marshall Brown and Brian McLellan;

          10:55 a.m.:  "Turning Out the Lights," by Victoria Elandt, Nicholas James, Kathryn Johnson and Zachary Mitchell;

          1 p.m.:  "Necklaces, Symmetry, and Irreducible Representations of Wreath Products," by Joshua Kinder and Sarah Cobb;

          1:25 p.m.:  "Curriculum Development in the Sophomore Calculus Sequence," by Jill Immink.