Hope College continues its strong showing in national and regional college and university guides.

Hope remains in the first tier among the nation's best liberal arts colleges as determined by "U.S. News and World Report," ranking 88th in the publication's 2009 "America's Best Colleges Guide."  The college also continues to be included among the 33 select institutions listed in the publication's "Programs to Look For" section in the category singling out schools that are outstanding for "Undergraduate Research/Creative Projects."

The college is also one of the approximately 310 schools included in the latest "Fiske Guide to Colleges" as "the country's best and most interesting colleges and universities."  The 2009 edition notes that "Hope's academic and athletic programs continue to grow and prosper," quoting one senior as observing that "Hope is a place where students are challenged to become better students, but, more importantly, better people."

Hope is one of 159 schools receiving "Best in the Midwest" designation from "The Princeton Review."  In addition, Hope ranks 166th nationally on the new "America's Best Colleges" guide that has debuted on Forbes.com, placing third among the 15 Michigan institutions included in the listing.