Hope College staff members were recognized for service during the college's 29th annual service award celebration on Friday, Jan. 30.

 Hope College staff members were recognized for service during the college's 29th annual service award celebration on Friday, Jan. 30.

Honored as retirees were Joan M. Kamps, physical plant, 20 years of service; Judyth Thomas, theatre, 21 years of service; and Myra J. Kohsel, English, 32 years of service.

Recognized for 40 years of service was Norman "Bunko" Japinga, transportation.

Honored for 35 years of service were Mark J. Cook, Hope-Geneva Bookstore; Jeanne D. Kinkema, Hope-Geneva Bookstore; and Sandy J. Tasma, college advancement.

Recognized for 30 years of service were Sarah Huttar Anderson, Hope-Geneva Bookstore; Gary R. Camp, admissions; Kevin E. Gardner, physics; Martha E. Reyes, financial aid; and Douglas L. Wehrmeyer, physical plant.

Honored for 25 years of service were Ann M. Alderink, physical plant; David G. Dubois, physical plant; Fonda M. Green, Children's After School Achievement (CASA) program; and Joy Forgwe Ortiz, economics, management and accounting.

Marking 20 years of service were Bradley Bouwkamp, computing and information technology; Carol L. De Jong, registrar's office; Georgia deHaan, admissions; Carl E. Heideman, computing and information technology; Robert W. Hunt, physical plant; Gregory S. Olgers, public and community relations; Gordon L. VanderYacht, kinesiology; and Mary E. VanKlompenberg, physical plant.

Fifteen-year honorees were Carol Fritz, admissions; Kathy Lundy, physical plant; William J. Marcus, transportation; Kathryn Miller, public and community relations; Kathleen O'Connor, history; Deborah L. Sanderson, Hope-Geneva Bookstore; Lori Trethewey, Joint Archives of Holland; Anthony T. Van Houten, physical plant; Debbie A. Vasquez, Upward Bound; Lela Wilson, physical plant; and Loi Kham Xayasane, physical plant.

Honored for 10 years of service were Linnay Aalderink, physical plant; Jonathan R. Brockmeier, computing and information technology; Dale Bronsink, physical plant; Tammy Clendening, physical plant; Laura A. Ebels, admissions; Mollie Galioto, admissions; Diana Morgan, physical plant; Jeff Pestun, computing and information technology; S. Scott Plaster, physical plant; Jody L. Sheldon, counseling center; and Kristine D. Solomon, business services.

Marking five years of service were Shelly R. Arnold, CrossRoads Project; Jacob Bannink, transportation; Matthew W. Bradley, DeWitt Tennis Center; Jorge L. Capestany, DeWittTennisCenter; Michael D. Culver, physical plant; David C. Daugherty, physics; Richard W. Dernberger, counseling center; Sara E. De Vries, career services; Jason S. Geurink, campus safety; Stacey L. Goetz, admissions; Vanessa Greene, multicultural life; Stephanie L. Greenwood, college advancement; Kristen T. Morrison, kinesiology; Chris Mulder, transportation; Nathaniel S. Price, DeWitt Tennis Center; Mary A. Remenschneider, college advancement; Lisa G. Rich, physical plant; Michael A. Ricketts, kinesiology; Alison J. Schantz, student development; Jane Swanson Smith, Hope-Geneva Bookstore; Barbara E. VandenBerg, Van Wylen Library; Barbara Ann Werley, admissions; and Michael J. Wilson, physical plant.