Hope College honored faculty members for service, academic achievement and professional involvement during the college's annual recognition luncheon on Monday, Jan. 10.

 Hope College honored faculty members for service, academic achievement and professional involvement during the college's annual recognition luncheon on Monday, Jan. 10.

The luncheon traditionally marks the beginning of the college's second semester. Participating were James Bultman, president; Richard Ray, provost; Moses Lee, dean for the natural and applied sciences; Caroline Simon, interim dean for the social sciences; and William Reynolds, dean for the arts and humanities.

Recognized for 40 years of service were Bill Mungall (chemistry) and Bill Reynolds (dean for the arts and humanities). Honored for 35 years of service was Susan Cherup (education). Recognized for 25 years of service were Jim Allis (philosophy), Dean Kreps (kinesiology), Greg Murray (biology) and Kathy Winnett-Murray (biology). Honored for 20 years of service were Michelle Bombe (theatre), David O'Brien (Van Wylen Library) and Daina Robins (theatre). Adjunct or part-time faculty recognized for 20 years of service were Bob Ebels (kinesiology) and Lee Schopp (kinesiology).

Named a "Towsley Research Scholar" was Ernest Cole (English). The "Janet L. Andersen Excellence in Teaching Awards" were presented to Tom Smith (economics, management and accounting) and Jeff Tyler (religion). The "Ruth and John Reed Faculty Achievement Awards" were presented to Annie Dandavati (political science) and Chuck Green (psychology). The "Academic Computing Advisory Team (ACAT) Innovation Award" was presented to Susan Cherup (education). The "Provost's Awards for Service to the Academic Program" were presented to Mary Inman (psychology) and David Klooster (English).

Faculty honored for serving on the college's Teaching Enhancement Workshop Committee were: Debra Swanson (sociology, and committee director); Christopher Barney (biology); Lorna Hernandez Jarvis (psychology); and Barbara Mezeske (English).

Jesse Montaño (English) was recognized for having received the 2010 Hope Outstanding Professor Educator (H.O.P.E.) Award.

Acknowledged as authors and editors during the past year were: Claudine André (Spanish), Albert Bell (history), Steven Bouma-Prediger (religion), David Cho (English), Andrew Dell'Olio (philosophy), Jack Holmes (political science), Mike Jipping (computer science), Fred Johnson (history), Jack Mulder (philosophy), David Myers (psychology), Jacob Nyenhuis (A.C. Van Raalte Institute), Jeanne Petit (history), David Ryden (political science), Heather Sellers (English), Caroline Simon (interim dean for the social sciences), Steve Smith (kinesiology) and Robert Swierenga (A.C. Van Raalte Institute).

Honored for accomplishment as performing artists were: Jean Bahle (theatre), Michelle Bombe (theatre), Mihai Craioveanu (music), Alicia Diaz (dance), Steven Iannacone (dance), Daina Robins (theatre), Steve Talaga (music), John Tammi (theatre) and Matthew Thornton (dance). Members of the art faculty recognized for their work as artists were: Tamara Fox, Billy Mayer, Bruce McCombs, Stephanie Milanowski, Steve Nelson and Katherine Sullivan. Members of the kinesiology faculty and staff honored for accomplishments as coaches were: Brian Morehouse (women's basketball), John Patnott (men's swimming and diving), Becky Schmidt (volleyball) and Steve Smith (men's soccer).

Faculty honored for being named officers of professional associations were: Maxine DeBruyn (dance, emerita) and Jeanne Petit (history).

Faculty and other members of the campus community recognized for receiving honors and awards were: Peter Boumgarden (management), Rhoda Burton (English), Isabelle Chapuis-Alvarez (French), Chuck Green (psychology), Choonghee Han (communication), Anne Larsen (French), Stephen Maiullo (classics), Billy Mayer (art), Stephanie Milanowski (art), Lindsay Montgomery (art), David Myers (psychology), Graham Peaslee (chemistry, and geological and environmental sciences), Richard Ray (provost), Gloria Tseng (history), Scott VanderStoep (psychology) and Barbara Vincensi (nursing). In addition, the Children's After School Achievement (CASA) program was recognized for having received Michigan's "Outstanding Mentoring Program Award" through the 2010 Governor's Service Award program.

Several faculty and staff were recognized as recipients of grants and fellowships: Claudine André (Spanish), Brian Bodenbender (geology), Annie Dandavati (political science), Herb Dershem (computer science), Paul DeYoung (physics), Maureen Dunn (kinesiology), Jane Finn (education), Greg Fraley (biology), Janis Gibbs (history), Jason Gillmore (chemistry), Peter Gonthier (physics), Linda Graham (dance), Virgil Gulker (Center for Faithful Leadership), Jonathan Hagood (history), Brigitte Hamon-Porter (French), Jenny Hampton (physics), Kim Hawtrey (economics), Jim Herrick (communication), Rob Hodson (music), Vicki-Lynn Holmes (mathematics and education), Kelly Jacobsma (Van Wylen library), Mike Jipping (computer science), Jeff Johnson (chemistry), David Klooster (English), Brent Krueger (chemistry), Cathy Mader (physics), Greg Murray (biology), Mark Pearson (mathematics), Graham Peaslee (chemistry, and geological and environmental sciences), Tim Pennings (mathematics), Jon Peterson (geological and environmental sciences), Jeanne Petit (history), Stephen Remillard (physics), Geoffrey Reynolds (Joint Archives of Holland), Heather Sellers (English), Joanne Stewart (chemistry), Deborah Sturtevant (sociology and social work), Vicki Ten Haken (management), Steve VanderVeen (Center for Faithful Leadership) and Barbara Vincensi (nursing). In addition, the departments of music and theatre were recognized for receiving support from the Kurt Weill Foundation for Music for their fall production of the opera "Street Scene," and Hope overall was recognized for continuing to hold more grants for summer collaborative-faculty student research from the National Science Foundation than any other undergraduate college in the country.