Young actors of HSRT

This summer, Hope Summer Repertory Theatre's 40th season, incorporates three young actors gracing the stage of the Dewitt Theatre.

This summer, Hope Summer Repertory Theatre's 40th season, incorporates three young actors gracing the stage of the Dewitt Theatre.

Grant Hofland, Christian Krimendahl, and Beatrice Byrd fill roles in the productions of Children of Eden and I Remember Mama.

° Christian Krimendahl, a 10 year old entering fifth grade at Black RiverSchool, appears as Young Abel in Children of Eden and as Arne in I Remember Mama. Christian says he loves theatre and wants to be an actor when he grows up. His parents can attest to the fact that being in an HSRT play is a big time commitment, but realize that this summer has been one of best experiences of their son's life. Monika Krimendahl, Christian's mother, said, "As parents, it makes us proud to see our son on stage coming into his own. Christian has taken this very seriously and we have seen him grow and mature through the whole experience."

° Joining Christian on stage for Children of Eden is 10 year old Grant Hofland, who appears as Young Cain. Grant will also be entering the fifth grade, and attends Jefferson Elementary. He is very passionate about sports, and although he has appeared in some Christmas productions as part of his church, Grant's mother, Susan Hofland, enjoys seeing him also work hard at something entirely different. Grant enjoys being part of the show and the whole process; Susan credits his excitement to being on stage, but also to having fun backstage with their child wrangler (Jackie Richards) and other guys in the cast. When asked how the process has been for her as a parent, Susan replied "The HSRT does such a great job of taking care of kids when they are a part of a show. Making sure they are met at the door and taken care of by a college student you can trust. As a parent we want Grant to have different people in his life that he can look up to and learn from. That has been one of the most positive things about his experience at HSRT. Learning how to be on stage is great. Learning how to work hard and have fun with college students is life changing."

°  Beatrice Byrd is a member of the cast of I Remember Mama as the youngest daughter, Dagmar. She will be entering the third grade at Black River School. Beatrice is no stranger to the stage, appearing in her first production on her third birthday. Her father, Joseph Byrd (HSRT's Assistant Musical Director) spoke about how Beatrice has enjoyed being a part of HSRT this summer; he said "I think for her it's been as much about the relationships as about the acting. She loves her cast-mates so much. She's started planning parties at our house, sometimes without asking."

The last performances of Children of Eden are on August 5 and 12 at the DeWitt Theatre and I Remember Mama wraps up the season with shows on August 4, 8, 10, and13 at the Knickerbocker Theatre.

Tickets can be purchased through the DeWitt and DeVos Fieldhouse ticket offices. Prices range from $10-$26 for musicals and $8-$19 for plays. The ticket office is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, Saturday noon to 5 p.m. On performance dates, the DeWitt Ticket Office will be open through intermission.

The ticket office is located in DeWitt Cultural Center at 12th Street and Columbia Avenue. For tickets call the ticket office at 616-395-7890. For more information visit the HSRT website at

The DeWitt Theatre is located at 141 East 12th street. The Knickerbocker Theatre is located in Holland's downtown on 8th street.

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