Eight Hope College students have received Bultman Summer Research Awards from the college to conduct research at Hope in the natural and applied sciences this summer.

The students being honored with the awards are Lauren Bedard, Mike Bischak, Jacob Bonnema, Eric Greve, Nick Haugen, Minchul Kim, Audrey LaRoche and B.J. Schulz.

Presented by the division of natural and applied sciences, the awards provide stipends to conduct summer research at the college collaboratively with members of the faculty for 10 weeks.  A recipient was named for each department within the division.

Considerations for the $4,000 awards include interest in science, promise of research and scientific accomplishment, academic standing and departmental endorsement.  The recipients are also eligible for a subsidy for summer housing on campus.

The awards are named in honor of President James Bultman, who is retiring at the end of the current school year.

The eight competitively selected recipients are among more than 125 students conducting research at the college this summer supported from endowed funds at the college as well as through external grants received by Hope and individual faculty members.  The students include Hope students, students from other colleges and universities, and high school students; area high school teachers are also among the researchers.  A total of 36 Hope faculty in the natural and applied sciences division will be engaged in research this summer.

Bedard is a junior from Holland and will be conducting research in biology.  She will be working on “Molecular Recognition of Fatty Acid Species” with Dr. Virginia McDonough, associate professor of biology.

Bischak is a sophomore from Sammamish, Wash., and will be conducting research in physics.  He will be working on “Effect of Carrier Doping on Nonlinear Distortion of Signals by Superconducting Thin Films” with Dr. Stephen Remillard, associate professor of physics and chairperson of the department.

Bonnema is a junior from Kalamazoo and will be conducting research in nursing.  He will be working on “The Lived Experience of a Nursing Dean” with Dr. Melissa Bouws, assistant professor of nursing.

Greve is a junior from Park Ridge, Ill., and will be conducting research in chemistry.  He will be working on “A Study of the Environmental Chemistry of Lake Macatawa Sediments” with Dr. Graham Peaslee, who is the Elmer E. Hartgerink Professor of Chemistry and a professor of geology/environmental science.

Haugen is a senior from Kalamazoo and will be conducting research in mathematics.  He will be working on “The Effect of PBL Pedagogy on Secondary Mathematics Students,” “Big Ideas Math: Common Core Curriculum Alignment Assessment” and “Watershed Project Assessment” with Dr. Vicki-Lynn Holmes, assistant professor of mathematics and education.

Kim is a sophomore from Seoul, South Korea, and will be conducting research in engineering.  He will be working on “Responsive Materials and Devices: Design and Fabrication” with Dr. Matthew Smith, assistant professor of engineering.

LaRoche is a sophomore from Hudsonville and will be conducting research in the geological and environmental sciences.  She will be working on “The Effect of Climate Change on Lake Michigan Coastal Dunes: Perspective from Goshorn Lake” with Dr. Edward Hansen, professor of geology and environmental science.

Schulz is a freshman from Midland and will be conducting research in computer science.  He will be working on “Applying Software Methodologies to Android Application Development” with Dr. Michael Jipping, professor of computer science.