Hope College staff members were recognized for service during the college’s annual service award luncheon, held on Monday, Feb. 10, at the Haworth Inn and Conference Center.

The event celebrates five-year service anniversaries starting at the fifth year, and also honors retirees of the past year.  The employees recognized this year have dedicated a total of 1,511 years to the college.

Honored as retirees were Ann Alderink, Physical Plant, 29 years; Karen Barber-Gibson, Modern and Classical Languages, 27 years; Julie A. Barney, Hope-Geneva Bookstore, 28 years; James Bultman, President, 31 years; Dianne DeYoung, College Advancement, 22 years; Kevin Gardner, Physics, 35 years; Sharon Hoogendoorn, Registrar’s Office, 26 years; John Hoyer, Van Wylen Library, 14 years; Andrew Huisman, Mailroom, 18 years; Deborah Nykamp, College Advancement, 19 years; Jack Otten, Physical Plant, 10 years; Thomas Renner, Public and Community Relation, 47 years; Maura Reynolds, Registrar’s Office, 31 years; William Reynolds, Dean for the Arts and Humanities, 42 years; Deborah Sanderson, Hope-Geneva Bookstore, 20 years.

Honored for 45 years of service was Norman Japinga, Transportation.

Recognized for 40 years of service were Mark J. Cook, Hope-Geneva Bookstore, and Sandy J. Tasma, College Advancement.

Marking 35 years of service were Sarah Anderson, Hope-Geneva Bookstore; Gary R. Camp, Admissions; and Douglas Wehrmeyer, Physical Plant.

Honored for 30 years of service were David G. DuBois, Physical Plant; and Fonda M. Green, Children’s After School Achievement program.

Recognized for 25 years of service were Bradley Bouwkamp, Computing and Information Technology; Carol L. De Jong, Registrar’s Office; Georgia deHaan, Admissions; Carl E. Heideman, Computing and Information Technology; Robert W. Hunt, Physical Plant; Gregory S. Olgers, Public and Community Relations; Gordon VanderYacht, Kinesiology; and Mary VanKlompenberg, Physical Plant.

Honored for 20 years of service were Carol Fritz, Admissions; Kathy Lundy, Physical Plant; William J. Marcus, Transportation; Lori Trethewey, Joint Archives of Holland; Anthony Van Houten, Physical Plant; Debbie A. Vasquez, Hope College TRiO Upward Bound; Lela Wilson, Physical Plant; and Loi Kham Xayasane, Physical Plant.

Marking 15 years of service were Linnay Aalderink, Physical Plant; Jonathan R. Brockmeier, Computing and Information Technology; Dale Bronsink, Physical Plant; Tamela Clendening, Physical Plant; Laurie Ebels, Admissions; Mollie Galioto, Admissions; Diana L. Morgan, Physical Plant; Jeffery A. Pestun, Computing and Information Technology; S. Scott Plaster, Physical Plant; Jody Sheldon, Counseling and Psychological Services; and Kristine Solomon, Business Services.

Recognized for 10 years of service were Shelly R. Arnold, Center for Ministry Studies; Jacob Bannink, Transportation; Jane Bosko, Music; Matthew W. Bradley, DeWitt Tennis Center; Jorge L. Capestany, DeWitt Tennis Center; Michael D. Culver, Physical Plant; David C. Daugherty, Physics; Richard Dernberger, Counseling and Psychological Services; Jason S. Geurink, Campus Safety; Vanessa Greene, Multicultural Education; Stephanie L. Greenwood, College Advancement; Chris P. Mulder, Transportation; Nathaniel S. Price, DeWitt Tennis Center; Mary A. Remenschneider, President’s Office; Michael A. Ricketts, Kinesiology; Alison J. Schantz, Student Development; Jane Swanson Smith, Hope-Geneva Bookstore; Barbara E. VandenBerg, Van Wylen Library; Barbara Ann Werley, Admissions; and Michael J. Wilson, Physical Plant/Campus Safety.

Honored for five years of service were Sarah J. Baar, English; Susan E. Beckman, Human Resources; Bob Bonczyk, Transportation; Anna K. Bonnema, Office of the Dean for the Natural and Applied Sciences; David J. Brondyke, Physical Plant; Enrique M. Calanchi, Physical Plant; Denise DeJonge, Counseling and Psychological Services; Thomas Dunkelberger, Transportation; Donna L. Essenburg, Physical Plant; Beverly F. Groenhof, Transportation; Brian D. Groenhof, Transportation; Lezlie F. Gruenler, Office of the Dean for the Natural and Applied Sciences; Marc L. Hulst, Physical Plant; Sherman E. LaBarge, Physical Plant; Alyson Michner, Office of the Dean for the Natural and Applied Sciences; Terry L. Nyboer, Health Services; Lance M. Pellow, College Advancement; Lynn B. Roelofs, DeWitt Tennis Center; Kevin Singer, Financial Aid; Daniel R. Smith, Transportation; Stephanie A. Smith, Student Development; Cheryl Ann Stefan-Riebe, Transportation; and Rhonda K. VanDussen, Physical Plant.