A successful tradition in psychology at Hope College is continuing in record-setting form this week, with the department bringing the largest number of research teams in its history to the annual meeting of the Midwestern Psychological Association (MPA).

A total of 22 faculty-student research teams from Hope are making presentations during this year’s meeting, which is taking place in Chicago, Illinois, on Thursday-Saturday, May 5-7.

As announced earlier this year, two of the Hope teams are also receiving highly competitive regional awards for excellence in research from the Midwestern chapter of Psi Chi – The International Honor Society in Psychology.  The projects being honored with the awards are “Flourishing in the Wake of a Disaster: Investigating the Effects of Disaster-Related Stimuli on Meaning, Well-Being and Religion,” and “The Physiology of Positivity: Implications of Mindfulness, Hope and Gratitude in Alleviating Worry.”  Hope students have the strongest track record in the region, winning awards in 14 of the past 17 years, with multiple teams winning awards during eight of those years.

All 22 research projects, along with the students and faculty mentors, are shown in the presentation schedule below: 

MPA 2016 Presentation Schedule 

Thursday, May 5 

Perceptual Differentiation of African American and European American Children [71]

  • Emily Simmons & Dalila Salas (Sonja Trent-Brown

Evaluation of Sleep Quantity and Quality on Behavioral Measures in Preschool Children [40]

  • Ohanes Khacherian (Andrew Gall)                       

Who Is It?: Vowel Sound Variation Among African American and European American Children earning to Reappraise or to Accept? [57]

  • Dalila Salas & Emily Simmons (Sonja Trent-Brown

Activity Preference and BMI as Developmental Indicators for Preschoolers [60]

  • Cara Schipper & Manna Shintani (Sonja Trent-Brown

The Relationship between Gender, BMI, and Activity Preference among Preschool Students [61]

  • Esveide Mendoza, Leslie Miller, Tingxuan Zhang, Cara Schipper, Taylor Prokott, Amanda Gibson, Grace Bergt, Lauren Boyle, Katelyn Dufek & Manna Shintani (Sonja Trent-Brown

Relations between Income and Activity Preference [64]

  • Katelyn Dufek, Grace Bergt, Lauren Boyle, Esveide Mendoza, Leslie Miller, Tingxuan Zhang, Cara Schipper, Taylor Prokott, & Amanda Gibson (Sonja Trent-Brown

Exploring Technology Usage and Leisure Activities from Childhood to Emerging Adulthood [68]

  • Amanda Gibson, Taylor Prokott, Esveide Mendoza, Grace Bergt, Sarah Thoman, Manna Shintani, Leslie Miller, Tingxuan Zhang, Lauren Boyle, Cara Schipper & Katelyn Dufek (Sonja Trent-Brown

Nurture with Nature: Effects of Nature Learning on Children’s Activity Preferences and Animal Knowledge [69]

  • Sarah Thoman, Austin Elluru, Jordan Taylor, Hillary Smith, & Katie Hauge (Sonja Trent-Brown)  

Adaptive Regulation Strategies in Response to Transgression Rumination: Analysis of Written Responses Following Acceptance or Reappraisal Training [58]

  • Robert Henry, Natasha Jaina Bernal, Fallon Richie, Anna Snyder, & Manna Shintani (Lindsey Root Luna, Charlotte Witvliet

The Impact of Worry on College Students [78]

  • Madison Mertz, Mara Bottomley, Morgan Herzog, Austin R. Elluru, Ethan Goodman, Hailey Fairchild, Amy Hoag, Allison Kleppinger, Christian Otteman, Fallon Richie, Max Schuiteman, Manna Shintani, Hillary Smith, Alex Swain, & Lucas Wiles (Lindsey Root Luna)  

Embodying Hope: The Impact of Hopeful Thinking on Cardiovascular, Psychological, and Linguistic Indicators [4]

  • Fallon Richie, Natasha Jaina Bernal, & Anikka Van Eyl (Lindsey Root Luna

Cultivating Hope and Happiness through Grateful Remembering: A Two-Study Assessment of Trait and State Gratitude [6]

Fallon Richie & Nicholas Pikaart (Charlotte Witvliet

Coping with an interpersonal transgression: The impact of brief reappraisal, acceptance, and rumination inductions on forgiveness and short-term emotions [9]

  • Anna Snyder, Fallon Richie, Manna Shintani, Robert Henry, & Natasha Jaina Bernal (Lindsey Root Luna, Charlotte Witvliet

The Physiology of Positivity: Implications of Mindfulness, Hope, and Gratitude in Alleviating Worry [12]

  • Allison Kleppinger, Hailey Fairchild, Amy Hoag, Maxwell Schuiteman, Alexander Swain, Fallon Richie, Marra Bottomley, Ethan Goodman, Morgan Herzog, Madison Mertz, Manna Shintani, Hillary Smith, Lucas Wiles, Austin Elluru, & Christian Otteman (Lindsey Root Luna

Grateful remembering, present awareness, and hopeful anticipation: An assessment of worrying and mental health in college students [14]

  • Allison Kleppinger, Fallon Richie, Manna Shintani, Christian Otteman, Lucas Wiles, Hillary Smith, Mara Bottomley, Austin Elluru, Hailey Fairchild, Ethan Goodman, Morgan Herzog, Amy Hoag, Madison Mertz, Maxwell Schuiteman, & Alexander Swain (Lindsey Root Luna

Can Childhood Activity Level and Outdoor Experience Predict Adult Outdoor Exposure, Physical Activity, and Body Mass Index?: A Retrospective Approach [77]

  • Kara Lurvey, Alejandra Guzman, Sarah Thoman, Esveide Mendoza, Leslie Miller, Grace Bergt, Taylor Prokott, Cara Schipper, Tingxuan Zhang, Lauren Boyle, Manna Shintani, Kate Dufek, & Amanda Gibson (Sonja Trent-Brown

Health disparity among American preschool children: a comparison of body mass index across selected ethnic groups [78]

  • Alejandra Guzman, Kara Lurvey, Sarah Thoman, Cara Schipper, Amanda Gibson, Lauren Boyle, Manna Shintani, Kate Dufek, Tingxuan Zhang, Esveide Mendoza, Grace Bergt, Taylor Prokott, & Leslie Miller (Sonja Trent-Brown)  

Religiosity Predicts Body Esteem Beyond General Affect and Body Mass [29]

  • Konner Nelson & Ryan Walters (Mary Inman

Does Helping Increase Well-Being? Experimental Evidence for The Role of Virtuous Behavior in Meaning in Life [52]

  • Evan Johnson & Megan Edwards (Daryl Van Tongeren) 

Can Generosity Increase Well-Being? Identifying Experimental Effects and Possible Mediators [61]

  • Hanna Newbound & Alexa Rencis (Daryl Van Tongeren

Friday, May 6 

Flourishing in the Wake of Disaster: Investigating the Effects of Disaster-Related Stimuli on Meaning, Well-Being, and Religion [13]

  • Alexa Rencis & Rachel Hibbard (Daryl Van Tongeren

Implicit Desires vs. Explicit Preferences: What Matters More for Romantic Relationship Outcomes? [14]

  • Natasha Bernal, Tara Murray, Lisa Rosema, & Chloe Werkema (Carrie Bredow)