Hope College staff members were recognized for service during the college’s annual service award luncheon, held on Friday, Feb. 5, at the Haworth Inn and Conference Center.

The event celebrates five-year service anniversaries starting at the fifth year, and also honors retirees of the past year.

Honored as retirees were: Kathleen Adamski, Psychology, 34 years; Kathleen Arnold, Physical Plant, 26 years; Jacob Bannink, Transportation, 12 years; Gloria Bareman, Physical Plant, 29 years; Henry Bosch, Physical Plant, 34 years; Mark Cook, Hope-Geneva Bookstore, 41 years; Terry Derks, Transportation, 15 years; Sharon Dreyer, Physical Plant, 13 years; David DuBois, Physical Plant, 32 years; Sharon Grotenhuis, Physical Plant, 22 years; Jerry Gunnink, Campus Safety, 34 years; Wilma Hart, Student Development, 15 years; Charlotte Hough, Physical Plant, 19 years; Norman Japinga, Transportation, 46 years; Madeline Kukla, Education, eight years; Doug Wehrmeyer, Physical Plant, 36 years; Rick Wissink, Physical Plant, 28 years.

Recognized for 30 years of service were: Steven P. De Jong, Computing and Information Technology; Robert H. Garrison, Physical Plant; Lori H. Hertel, Biology; Kevin P. Kraay, Business Services; Chris McDowell, Computing and Information Technology; and Kendra Lea Williams, International Education.

Marking 25 years of service were: Patricia L. Carlson, Van Wylen Library; Greg J. Maybury, Campus Operations; and Kathryn A. Maybury, Computing and Information Technology.

Honored for 20 years of service were: Eric A. Alberg, Events and Conferences; David Elsbury, Computing and Information Technology; Tracey A. Nally, Office of Sponsored Research; Shelley K. Roach, Physical Plant; and Christine D. Wennersten, Hope-Geneva Bookstore.

Marking 15 years of service were: Habeeb G. Awad, International Education; Jacqueline J. Boer, Business Services; Carla J. Kaminski, Van Wylen Library; Kimberly Elaine Swartout, Development and Alumni Engagement; Philip S. Blauw, Events and Conferences; Milagro Brunink, Campus Safety; Henry Yun-Ping Chen, Campus Safety; Carla P. Davis, Human Resources; Michael L. Everse, Campus Safety; Shirley J. Harmsen, Business Services; and Dianna S. Machiela, Human Resources.

Recognized for 10 years of service were: Carole Faith Bradford, DeWitt Tennis Center; Thomas W. Bylsma, Vice President for Business and Finance; Jennifer A. Daldos, Physical Plant; Mark L. DeWitt, Development and Alumni Engagement; Shawn M. Drost, Physical Plant; Adam C. Ford, DeWitt Tennis Center; Brenda J. Gugino, Chemistry; Allison P. Jesky, Physical Plant; John E. Jobson, Student Development; Trygve D. Johnson, Campus Ministries; Sarah K. Kolean, Center for Faithful Leadership; Edwin Lee Kortman, Physical Plant; Andrew J. Meyers, Admissions; John A. Ruiter, Development and Alumni Engagement; Elizabeth K. Steenwyk, Registrar’s Office; Ryan Lee Stehouwer, Physical Plant; Dean M. Thayer, Computing and Information Technology; Michael D. Van Dort, Physical Plant; Constance A. VanderZwaag, Human Resources; Rajean K. Wolters, Office of the Dean for the Arts and Humanities; and Michelle J. Yost, Van Wylen Library.

Honored for five years of service were: Sharon L. Beerthuis, Office of the Vice President for Business and Finance; Amy L. Berarducci, Hope Academy of Senior Professionals; Kelvin Blom, Transportation; Dee Campanella, Student Development; Lila M. Coffey, Physical Plant; Deborah A. DuMez, Computing and Information Technology; Stephanie H. Garrod, Computing and Information Technology; Solee Lee-Clark, Music; Sarah McCoy, Career Development Center; JoHannah M. Smith, Van Raalte Institute; Elizabeth S. Szczerowski, Development and Alumni Engagement; Mary A. VandeHoef, Kinesiology; and Christopher L. Wilton, DeWitt Tennis Center.