Hope honored 54 staff members during the annual Service Award Luncheon on Friday, Feb. 3, including those with five-year service anniversaries through 45 years and recent retirees.  Pictured from among the long-time employees celebrating service anniversaries are:  at left in the front row, Dawn Van Ark (Van Wylen Library, 45 years); and, back row, Dale Austin (Career Development Center, 35 years) and Elizabeth Bocks (Career Development Center, 30 years).  Pictured at the center and right of the front row are retirees Sandy Tasma (Development and Alumni Engagement, 43 years) and Sarah Anderson (Hope-Geneva Bookstore, 38 years). 

Hope College staff members were recognized for service during the college’s annual service award luncheon, held on Friday, Feb. 3, at the Haworth Inn and Conference Center.

The event honors retirees and the past year and celebrates five-year service anniversaries starting at the fifth year. 

Honored as retirees were:

  • Sarah Anderson, Hope-Geneva Bookstore, 38 years
  • Alfredo Gonzales, Office of the Dean for Multicultural and International Education, 37 years
  • Bill Large, Physical Plant, 12 years
  • Paula Shaughnessy, Hope-Geneva Bookstore, 34 years
  • Sandy Tasma, Development and Alumni Engagement, 43 years 

The five-year service anniversaries extended to 45 years:

45 years
Dawn Van Ark (Van Wylen Library)
40 years
Laurie Brock (Admissions)
35 years
Dale F. Austin (Career Development Center)
30 years
Elizabeth Bocks (Career Development Center)
25 years

Glendene Lahr (Campus Safety)

Brian D. Morehouse (Kinesiology)

Christopher Schultz (Physical Plant

20 years

Ellen Tanis Awad (Student Development)

Rowene E. Beals (Registrar’s Office)

Kurt D. DeVette (DeWitt Tennis Center)

Kristi J. Dunn (Events and Conferences)

Kevin W. Mendels (Computing and Information Technology)

Jeremy L. Meyer (Computing and Information Technology)

Lori L. Mulder (Human Resources)

Holli J. Overbeek (Business Services)

Rebecca S. Robrahn (Public Affairs and Marketing)

Norman D. Sankey (Physical Plant)

James A. Speelman (Physical Plant)

Susan Volkers (Physical Plant)

Margie A. Wiersma (Computing and Information Technology)

Mary J. Wilson (Development and Alumni Engagement)

15 years

Janice R. Boockmeier (Financial Aid)

Harvey G. Koodyker (Development and Alumni Engagement)

Melinda A. Smith (Hope-Geneva Bookstore)

Jill M. Trujillo (Nursing)

Lannette Zylman-TenHave (Provost’s Office)

10 years

Amy M. Borgman (Development and Alumni Engagement)

Donna L. Bronsink (Physical Plant)

Diane Marie Francisco (Physical Plant)

Barbara J. Grooters (Admissions)

Scott A. Travis (Development and Alumni Engagement)

Anne M. Valkema (Development and Alumni Engagement)

Connie S. Vandemark (Financial Aid)

5 years

Laura E. Bainbridge (Admissions)

Michael A. Brown (Phelps Scholars Program)

Jianna L. DeVette (Business Services)

Stephanie L. Doolittle (Mathematics, Computer Science, Engineering, Physics)

Lindsey D. Engelsman (Kinesiology)

Michael J. Garland (DeWitt Tennis Center)

Caroline C. Hannema (Kinesiology)

Karl W. Hoesch (Admissions)

Kristen R. Kernstock (Registrar’s Office)

Carrie A. Olesh (Admissions)

Shelley J. Stauffer (Admissions)

Jenna Lynn Teater (Alumni and Family Engagement)

Tuan-Anh Tran (DeWitt Tennis Center)

Timothy C. Van Dyke (Campus Safety)

Suzanne Vander Zee (Hope-Geneva Bookstore)

Michael J. Veltman (Physical Plant)