Dear Hope Community,

In a few days, we will welcome our students back to Hope’s campus for the new academic year. This is always a time of joy, when we embrace every student and family with the promise of what’s yet to be. This year, however, many of our students and families will arrive with heavy hearts following the incidents of violence, hatred, racism and anti-Semitism in Charlottesville.

At Hope College, we believe that each individual is created and loved by God. Indeed, the truth of Christ unites us; racism and bigotry stand in direct conflict with our faith. Here at Hope, we extend care and hospitality to all members of our campus community as well as all guests and visitors.

The recent events in our country serve as a painful reminder that we live in a world of brokenness, a world that needs healing. For that reason, our work here at Hope is more meaningful than ever. We are committed to equipping and inspiring every student to be a force for good, an agent of hope and a steward of justice throughout the world. No matter where or how they are serving, our students, alumni and employees are a testament to the transformational power of a Hope education.

As we pray for the victims of violence, let us redouble our resolve to ensure that every individual is warmly welcomed on this campus and in this community.

Grace and peace,