Hope Honors Employees for Service
Hope honored 77 staff members during the annual Service Award Luncheon on Friday, Jan. 19, including those with five-year service anniversaries through 50 years and recent retirees.  Pictured with President Dennis Voskuil is 50-year honoree Maria Tapia, production support supervisor with Computing and Information Technology, who started working at the college in 1967.

Hope College staff members were recognized during the college’s annual service award luncheon, held on Friday, Jan. 19, at the Haworth Inn and Conference Center.

The event honors retirees of the past year and celebrates five-year service anniversaries starting at the fifth year.
Honored as retirees were:

  • Karen Bos, Public Affairs and Marketing, 30 years
  • Tracey Nally, Provost’s Office, 22 years
  • Patricia O’Brien, Van Wylen Library, 28 years
  • Dawn Van Ark, Van Wylen Library, 46 years
  • Mike Van Dort, Physical Plant, 12 years 

The five-year service anniversaries extended to 50 years:

50 years
Maria Tapia (Computing and Information Technology)
40 years

Rick Middlecamp (Physical Plant
Cheryl McGill Schairer (Office of the Dean for Social Sciences)

35 years
Elizabeth Colburn (TRiO Upward Bound)
Pauline Rozeboom (Computing and Information Technology)
Edna M. Zeeff (Physical Plant)
30 years

Abraham Z. Anaya (Computing and Information Technology)
Steven L. Bareman (Computing and Information Technology)
David R. James (Disability Services)
Douglas L. Van Dyken (Business Services)
James C. Van Heest (Development and Alumni Engagement)
Kristen A. Witkowski (Computing and Information Technology)

25 years

Norma J. Buursma (Physical Plant)
Jamie L. Dewitt (Department of Kinesiology)
Janet Gibson (Admissions)
Jeanne Marie Lindell (Disability Services)
Lynne M. Powe (Public Affairs and Marketing)

20 years

Lori Bouwman (Campus Ministries)
 Nancy Curnick (Campus Safety)
Patricia M. Dalman (DeWitt Tennis Center)
Darlene Dirkse (Physical Plant)
 Timothy S. Drost (Physical Plant)
James C. Marcus (Transportation)
Cynthia Vogelzang (Student Development) 

15 years

Anne Bakker (Department of Theatre)
Patricia A. Blankestyn (Development and Alumni Engagement)
 Stephanie W. Brumels (Department of Dance)
 Brian L. Brunink (Physical Plant)
Adam D. Hopkins (Admissions)
Cristina M. Ivey (Provost’s Office)
 Jack B. Lynn (Transportation)
 Moy Rasasak (Physical Plant)
 Kristin L. Underhill (Department of Art and Art History)

10 years

Sandra L. Bedard (Physical Plant)
Mark A. Bos (Transportation)
Jason M. Cash (Public Affairs and Marketing)
Laura R. Clarke (Physical Plant)
Julie K. Dalman (Student Development)
 Kristin A. Diekevers (Admissions)
 Jane E. French (Business Services)
 Kathleen L. Geenen (Admissions)
Julie A. Huisingh (Public Affairs and Marketing)
Robert B. Johnson (Development and Alumni Engagement)
Randall L. Kalmink (Physical Plant)
Kimberly K. Mendels (Development and Alumni Engagement)
Derek Owens (Transportation)
Kristi L. Rosendahl (Print and Mail Services)
Donna L. Sova (Department of Chemistry)
Mary G. Speet (Campus Safety)
Amanda K. Stephenson (Department of Modern and Classical Languages)
William C. Vanderbilt (Admissions)
Esther Zuniga (Physical Plant)

5 years

Connie M. Blom (Transportation)
Christopher W. Bohle (Student Development)
Alyssa K. Boss (Registrar’s Office)
Theresa L. Bravata (Events and Conferences)
Julie M. Chen (Campus Safety)
Reagan M. Chesnut (Department of Theatre)
Rhonda B. Edgington (Department of Music)
Amy E. Freehafer (Career Development)
Jena R. Gasworth (Career Development)
Tamela J. Lohman (Hope-Geneva Bookstore)
Guillermo I. Marquez (Physical Plant)
Mary M. Muenger (Campus Safety)
Jill M. Nutt (Financial Aid)
Sabina DeWitt Otteman (Development and Alumni Engagement)
William E. Russner (Counseling and Psychological Services)
Amy J. Scholten (Department of Education)
Doreen S. Tank (Department of Economics and Business)
Peter C. Tilden (Development and Alumni Engagement)
Craig A. Tommola (Public Affairs and Marketing)
Darlene K. Veenstra (Departments of Dance and Theatre)