Ways in which a free-market economy can be compatible with Christian concern for the poor will be the focus of an address at Hope College by the Rev. Dr. Richard Turnbull, who is director of the Centre for Enterprise, Markets and Ethics based in Oxford, England, on Wednesday, March 11, at 7 p.m. in Winants Auditorium of Graves Hall.

The public is invited.  Admission is free.

His talk’s title, “Will the Poor Always Be With Us?,” is derived from a statement by Jesus in Matthew 26:11.  Turnbull will reflect on questions such as the different ways in which Christians have responded to the words of Jesus, and how the common good can be pursued in light of poverty and inequality.  He will argue the moral case for markets in the relief of poverty, and that freedom in economic life is an essential prerequisite for the common good.  His lecture will consider the dignity of work and the way in which the market encourages the flourishing of creativity, enterprise, and risk-taking for the benefit of all. Reflecting, too, on the nature of the human person, Turnbull will explain the “voluntary principle” of social welfare.

Turnbull is an experienced accountant, pastor and academic, and has directed the Centre for Enterprise, Markets and Ethics since 2012.  The organization seeks to integrate economics, business, history and theology to argue the case for an enterprise economy.

He is also the author of several books, monographs and articles, and a visiting professor at St. Mary’s University in Twickenham, England.

The lecture is hosted by the college’s Markets & Morality student organization, and co-sponsored by the Campus Ministries program.

The Markets & Morality student organization aims to support and celebrate freedom of expression in the context of the liberal arts by hosting speakers and films on topics spanning the economic, political and cultural aspects of human civilization, with a special concern for human flourishing as understood in Christian perspective.

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Graves Hall is located at 263 College Ave., between 10th and 12th streets.