The Registrar’s Office is pleased to announce Dean’s List recipients for the spring semester. The Dean’s List is awarded to full-time, degree-seeking students who have received grades for all courses in a given semester (no incompletes) and have a semester GPA of 3.50 or above. Hope College Registrar’s Office considers this a significant achievement.

This list is complete as of June 9, 2021. Students who receive grade changes after this date that result in being added to the Dean’s List do not appear on this list. This list also does not include students who have requested confidentiality of their information under FERPA.

Names are listed below in alphabetical order by last name.

Owen M. Aaberg, Junior
Emily R. Abahazi, Sophomore
Joshua A. Abbas, Sophomore
Joseph J. Abdoo, Senior
Kyra E. Acker, Sophomore
Sophia A. Ackermann, Senior
Alaina G. Adams, Sophomore
Carli M. Adams, Senior
Ayden A. Albright, Sophomore
Brooklin L. Alexander, Senior
Elise L. Almquist, Junior
Jennifer E. Almquist, Junior
Seth Almquist, Junior
Andrea C. Alsgaard, Senior
Jane Ellen E. Altevogt, Sophomore
Magdalena B. Anderle, Sophomore
Brady Anderson, Senior
Brynn L. Anderson, Junior
Camen A. Andrews, Senior
Laura M. Anthon, Senior
Ann K. Arthurs, Senior
Hannah E. Ashby, Senior
Ava K. Asmus, Sophomore
Carolyn J. Atkinson, Junior
Emily V. Atwell, Junior
Alexander S. Azzouz, Senior
Janelle A. Baar, Senior
Quinn A. Baar, Junior
Tucker L. Babb, Senior
Alison J. Bache, Junior
Elizabeth Bachwich, Senior
Samuel R. Bachwich, Senior
Lindsay C. Badger, Senior
Claire S. Baguley, Junior
Ayanna Bailey, Junior
Mary P. Bailey, Senior
Darby A. Baird, Senior
Barry M. Bait, Senior
Brett Baker, Senior
Faith E. Baker, Sophomore
Autumn Balamucki, Senior
Wilken A. Baldwin, Senior
Haley D. Balkema, Senior
Taylor B. Bambule, Sophomore
Ava R. Barber, Sophomore
William W. Barbera, Senior
Julie M. Bardenhagen, Senior
Adriana R. Barker, Senior
Courteney L. Barnes, Senior
Emma L. Barnhart, Senior
Cal Barrett, Senior
Grant L. Barrett, Senior
McKenna L. Bartley, Senior
Chloe C. Bartz, Senior
Elizabeth P. Bassett, Junior
Brenna Bastien, Senior
Bridget A. Bateman, Senior
Claire E. Bates, Senior
Anna M. Bauer, Senior
Cherokee S. Bauer, Sophomore
Madelynne A. Baughman, Junior
Meghan Bauman, Senior
Martha J. Beattie, Senior
Ashley M. Beck, Junior
Elisabeth J. Beck, Senior
Jakson Becker, Junior
Brady Beckhusen, Senior
Kayla J. Beckley, Senior
Jennifer I. Beckman, Senior
Megan K. Beekman, Senior
Amanda L. Beemer, Sophomore
Owen H. Beird, Senior
Lindsey A. Beitz, Junior
Adam Bell, Senior
Miah L. Beltran, Senior
Claire J. Benedict, Senior
Mara R. Benitez, Senior
Haley M. Bennett, Junior
Emma Benoit, Junior
Brian M. Bera, Senior
Elliott J. Berens, Senior
Madalynn M. Berg, Sophomore
Veronica M. Berger, Senior
Jacob W. Bergstrom, Junior
Jessica Danielle A. Bernal, Senior
Isabelle G. Bertolone, Senior
Michael L. Berwanger, Senior
Emily J. Bestrom, Senior
Mason G. Bethke, Sophomore
Carli J. Betten, Sophomore
Ella Betz, Senior
Anna L. Biebel, Sophomore
Rebecca L. Biernacki, Senior
Jeffrey J. Bikus, Senior
Abigail Bilisko, Junior
Parker D. Billings, Senior
James E. Bird, Senior
Gabriella M. Bishop, Sophomore
Samantha A. Blair, Junior
Sabrina L. Blank, Senior
John Bloniarz, Senior
Lucinda I. Bloniarz, Junior
Zoe D. Blough, Junior
Jackson Bode, Senior
Johanna M. Boelema, Junior
Steven E. Boerigter, Senior
Stephen E. Bojanowski, Junior
Meredith L. Bomers, Senior
Michael A. Bonanni, Junior
Tate E. Bonnema, Senior
Amelia E. Bont, Junior
Vivian R. Book, Sophomore
Emily D. Borden, Senior
Garrett J. Borgman, Senior
Grace H. Borowicz, Sophomore
Kelly E. Bosis, Senior
Ian J. Bosman, Senior
Claudia G. Bouma, Senior
Isabella N. Bouma, Junior
Kendall Bouma, Senior
Onika E. Bouwkamp, Senior
John R. Bouws, Sophomore
Margaret G. Boyce, Sophomore
Timothy D. Boyce, Senior
Kylene E. Bozung, Senior
Kaitlyn Brady, Senior
Petra H. Braunius, Senior
Anna K. Breaugh, Sophomore
Charlotte R. Brecht, Junior
Emma G. Breckon, Junior
Hannah E. Bredeweg, Senior
Chandler B. Breit, Senior
Alexis Bremer, Senior
Josiah Q. Brett, Senior
Jamie E. Breyfogle, Senior
Kimberly L. Breyfogle, Senior
Darcey E. Brinker, Senior
Callalily G. Britt, Junior
Cassidy R. Broekhuizen, Junior
Kayla I. Brothers, Senior
Ellie M. Brouwers, Sophomore
Conner S. Brower, Senior
Gabrielle I. Brower, Junior
Amari L. Brown, Senior
Faith M. Brown, Senior
Fiona C. Brown, Sophomore
Grace C. Brown, Junior
Macy C. Brown, Senior
Morgan R. Brown, Senior
Sophie A. Brown, Junior
Anne L. Bruebach, Senior
Joshua A. Brummel, Senior
Sabrina Brunelle, Senior
Griffin P. Bruso, Senior
Lauren E. Bryan, Sophomore
Grace E. Buchanan, Senior
Claire E. Buck, Senior
Paige N. Buckberry, Junior
Mathew G. Buescher, Sophomore
Cole E. Buller, Sophomore
Jennaka G. Bultman, Junior
Isabella L. Burdo, Senior
Dylan I. Burke, Senior
Jacob P. Burkett, Junior
Caroline L. Burkhardt, Senior
Conor P. Burns, Senior
Sydney J. Burns, Junior
Taryn Bushong, Senior
Claire Butcher, Senior
Rachel A. Buth, Senior
Miranda P. Byl, Senior
Isaac Bylsma, Senior
Brevin T. Byrne, Sophomore
Dominick D. Byrne, Senior
Sofia M. Byrum, Senior
Chaeeun Byun, Freshman
Gregory J. Cahill, Senior
Kaelin R. Callow, Senior
Merrik J. Campagna, Senior
Rory M. Campagna, Junior
Daniel R. Campbell, Sophomore
Mackenzie K. Campbell, Junior
Kylea J. Canada, Junior
Sarah E. Cannon, Senior
Brooke A. Carbaugh, Junior
Diana N. Cardenas, Junior
Abdiel Cardiel, Senior
Leah O. Carl, Junior
Anna J. Carlson, Senior
Kaci L. Carlson, Senior
Morgan E. Carolan, Sophomore
Halle K. Carpenter, Senior
Kayla P. Carpenter, Junior
Celine M. Carroll, Senior
Ciera L. Carter, Sophomore
Davarius Carter, Junior
Gracyn Z. Carter, Senior
Krista Carter, Senior
Meredith E. Cashman, Senior
Carmen M. Casper, Sophomore
Benjamin D. Catton, Junior
Nathan G. Ceja, Sophomore
Rachael A. Cerovich, Senior
Jonathan A. Chaffer, Senior
Tualatai Chamberlain, Sophomore
Adam Chamness, Junior
Megan Chan, Senior
Jillian J. Chang, Senior
Marco L. Charbonneau, Junior
Aidan D. Charron, Sophomore
Riley G. Checkley, Sophomore
Carole Y. Chee, Sophomore
Ibianga O. Cheetham-West, Freshman
Rita Cheney, Junior
Christina A. Chiazza, Senior
Samantha J. Chidester, Junior
Grace E. Childs, Sophomore
Bailey H. Chorney, Senior
Samantha J. Choy, Senior
Micah Chrisman, Senior
Luke Christensen, Senior
Connor D. Christian, Senior
Kailoni D. Christian, Sophomore
Brennan W. Church, Senior
Arianna C. Cinque, Junior
Emma C. Clark, Senior
Makenna M. Clarke, Senior
Taylor M. Clarke, Junior
Ethan F. Clarkson, Senior
Dylan O. Clem, Sophomore
Kristen Clyde, Sophomore
Cameron M. Coates, Junior
Madison Coers, Sophomore
Kent Colbrunn, Junior
Anna G. Cole, Senior
Elisabeth Cole, Senior
Emma R. Cole, Senior
Ernesta E. Cole, Senior
Jacinda M. Cole, Senior
Katelyn Cole, Senior
Katie E. Cole, Sophomore
Lillian E. Cole, Sophomore
Marissa J. Cole, Sophomore
Wyatt L. Collier, Sophomore
Caden C. Collins, Senior
Connor S. Collins, Senior
Abigail R. Colvin, Senior
Sarah V. Colvin, Senior
Daisy M. Commire, Senior
Melina L. Condie, Junior
Eliana M. Condotti, Senior
Avery A. Conely, Senior
Kennedy N. Conway, Sophomore
Matalynn J. Cook, Senior
Olivia M. Cook, Sophomore
Olivia A. Coolman, Senior
Mikayla A. Coombs, Senior
Carolyn E. Cooper, Senior
Leah C. Cooper, Junior
Jenna L. Core, Senior
Kelsey A. Corey, Junior
Joseph Cornell, Junior
Regan E. Corum, Senior
Parker A. Cote, Junior
Noah J. Coulter, Senior
Avery A. Covert, Senior
Luke S. Cox, Sophomore
Nicole A. Cramer, Senior
Madelyn J. Crandell, Sophomore
Natalie K. Crandell, Senior
Josie R. Crane, Senior
Jack C. Crawford, Junior
Haleigh R. Cripe, Junior
Alexander Cross, Junior
Beau D. Cunningham, Sophomore
Jenna K. Currier, Senior
Elizabeth Cutlip, Senior
Grace M. Czachorski, Senior
Adam James Czeranko, Senior
Lauren N. Czmer, Senior
Matthew Czmer, Junior
Adriana L. D'Agostini, Sophomore
Kara Dahlenburg, Senior
Mason A. Daleiden, Sophomore
Piper L. Daleiden, Sophomore
Ty A. Dalton, Senior
Carter M. Damaska, Senior
Bethany R. Dame, Senior
Zachary C. Dankert, Senior
Annelise B. Dankovich, Senior
Caryn J. Dannah, Senior
Amanda R. Darner, Sophomore
Edward J. Davenport, Senior
Mikenna K. Davidson, Senior
Alyson Davis, Sophomore
Cora A. Davis, Senior
Darian L. Davis, Senior
Emma C. Davis, Junior
Jack Davis, Junior
Nathan B. Davis, Senior
Julia M. Dawson, Senior
Nicholas J. Dawson, Sophomore
Jace A. De Witt, Junior
Lindsey N. DeBoer, Senior
Deanna R. DeLeeuw, Senior
Lukas A. DeLibero, Junior
Katelyn H. DeReus, Senior
Lauren DeRose, Sophomore
Lydia L. DeVinney, Senior
Dominic L. DeVito, Senior
Hannah DeVore, Senior
Mary B. DeVries, Senior
Blaire E. DeWitt, Senior
Kambree J. DeWitt, Sophomore
Skylar L. DeWitt, Sophomore
Gabriel M. DeYoung, Junior
Jason R. Deans, Senior
Emma E. Decker, Junior
Emily Dee, Senior
Karina R. Deering, Sophomore
Jennifer K. Degnan, Senior
Annika J. Dekker, Junior
Jordan E. Demrose, Senior
Elyse M. Deneef, Senior
Adrian Deneen, Senior
Holly G. Denouden, Senior
Eleanor F. DiLeonardi, Sophomore
Isabelle Dial, Senior
Parker M. Diaz, Sophomore
Cameryn R. Dick, Senior
Matthew S. Dickerson, Senior
Emily K. Dieffenbach, Sophomore
Reganne A. Diener, Senior
William R. Diephuis, Senior
Jordan A. Dillabough, Sophomore
Emily J. Dirkse, Junior
Katherine A. Dirkse, Junior
Molly Dirkse, Senior
Savannah Dixon, Senior
Emily R. Dodge, Senior
Mackenzie E. Dole, Sophomore
Elsa L. Dondit, Sophomore
Casey T. Doolittle, Senior
Abigail T. Doonan, Sophomore
Montserrat Dorantes, Senior
Kristin P. Doty, Junior
Molly J. Douma, Senior
Drew A. Dow, Senior
Drake T. Doyle, Senior
Kimmie L. Drake, Sophomore
Kinzly A. Dressler, Senior
Alec D. Driscol, Senior
Lillian J. Droscha, Senior
Benjamin M. DuBay, Junior
Sarah Dubbert, Senior
Courtney J. Dunn, Senior
Madison R. Dunn, Junior
Taylor M. Dunn, Senior
Dana J. Dunning, Senior
Emma J. Dutmers, Junior
Claire A. Dwyer, Junior
Shannon L. Dwyer, Junior
Brett A. Dyer, Senior
Clayton W. Dykhouse, Sophomore
Emily M. Dykhouse, Senior
Carter Dykstra, Senior
Samuel Dykstra, Junior
Emily A. Eaton, Senior
Cayley L. Ebeling, Junior
Grace M. Ebels, Senior
Anna E. Ebl, Junior
Ryan P. Eder, Senior
Madelynn G. Edgerly, Senior
Brady C. Eding, Senior
Tyler V. Eding, Senior
Matthew T. Edkins, Senior
Olivia G. Edstrom, Junior
Natalie Edwards, Senior
Lauren S. Eekhoff, Senior
Tyler D. Eekhoff, Sophomore
Maria L. Egloff, Senior
Macy J. Elarton, Senior
Luke Elder, Senior
Rachel L. Elder, Senior
Jessica M. Elderkin, Senior
Bailey D. Ellens, Senior
Jordanne A. Ellingboe, Senior
Eileen R. Ellis, Junior
Emily R. Ellis, Junior
Laura Elluru, Senior
James S. Elwell, Senior
Timothy M. Embertson, Senior
Alexa C. Enders, Sophomore
Ryan P. Endres, Sophomore
Anastasia L. Engelsman, Senior
Whitney G. Engelsman, Junior
Blake W. Engler, Senior
Isabella R. Ensworth, Sophomore
Madeline E. Eppard, Junior
Julia K. Erb, Junior
Alexis Erickson, Sophomore
Kelli A. Erickson, Junior
Lindsey S. Espinoza, Junior
Jessica M. Estabrook, Junior
Henry C. Evenhouse, Sophomore
Lauren N. Fairchild, Senior
Riley W. Fairfield, Senior
Abigail J. Fansler, Sophomore
Sophia A. Farbarzhevich, Sophomore
Gretchen A. Fata, Senior
Justin N. Fay, Sophomore
Andrea Fazer, Sophomore
Emily M. Feaster, Senior
Evelyn R. Fehrlen, Sophomore
Karia G. Fehsenfeld, Senior
Ashley M. Feikema, Senior
Claire E. Fewell, Senior
Meryl E. Feys, Junior
Shannon Fickel, Sophomore
Olivia P. Fiebing, Junior
Caitlyn O. Fields, Senior
Madeline E. Fields, Senior
Gillian G. Fiene, Sophomore
Rachell C. Figueredo Guachalla, Senior
Ximena O. Figueroa-Enriquez, Senior
Abigail I. Finnegan, Senior
Julia M. Fitzsimmons, Senior
Laura M. Flanigan, Senior
Ryan M. Flynn, Senior
Cassidy N. Folkert, Sophomore
Lauren S. Foltz, Senior
Caroline G. Ford, Junior
Clayton D. Ford, Senior
Holly Ford, Senior
Madalyn N. Ford, Senior
Christian A. Forester, Senior
Nicholas Fornarotto, Senior
Connor W. Fowler, Senior
Rachel M. Foy, Senior
Kai Francisco, Sophomore
Jarret S. Frank, Sophomore
Abria L. Franklin, Senior
Madison D. Franklin, Sophomore
Aurora L. Franzon, Sophomore
Lisbeth M. Franzon, Senior
Liliana R. Fraser-Shade, Sophomore
Molly G. Frederickson, Sophomore
Parker K. Friend, Sophomore
Marcella G. Frissora, Sophomore
Kharis E. Fullington, Junior
Elisa Fulper, Sophomore
Allison J. Fulton, Junior
Grace Furey, Senior
Samuel J. Gaby, Senior
Grace E. Gadwood, Senior
Isabella M. Gaetjens-Oleson, Sophomore
Maxwell J. Gaishin, Senior
Haley M. Galloway, Senior
Kylie E. Galloway, Senior
Nicole D. Galloway, Junior
Karsten J. Galyon, Senior
Rachel H. Gamm, Sophomore
Ryan A. Gamm, Senior
Monica R. Garcia, Senior
Scott D. Garcia, Senior
Greer E. Gardner, Senior
Kiersten K. Garrett, Senior
Kayli N. Garza, Junior
Nancy L. Gately, Senior
Ashley M. Geddes, Sophomore
Cameron H. Geddes, Senior
Kaley A. George, Senior
Luke J. George, Junior
Addyson E. Gerig, Senior
Natalie R. Gest, Junior
Ethan J. Getchell, Junior
Andrew R. Gibson, Senior
Savannah R. Gibson, Junior
Abigail G. Gift, Senior
Sacia Gilbertson, Sophomore
Brianna K. Gilcreast, Sophomore
Holden Gilkey, Senior
Adam P. Gill, Junior
Carl J. Gillengerten, Sophomore
Joseph D. Gillengerten, Sophomore
Forrest J. Gillespie, Senior
Jackson P. Gillespie, Senior
Rebecca K. Gillespie, Junior
Matthew R. Gillette, Sophomore
Margaret G. Gillich, Junior
Benjamin O. Gleeson, Senior
Griffin A. Gleeson, Sophomore
Maria T. Gomez, Senior
Spencer L. Goods, Sophomore
Luke Goral, Senior
Alexandra J. Gordon, Senior
Anne C. Gorman, Senior
Elizabeth P. Gorman, Junior
Grace M. Gorsline, Sophomore
Grace K. Goszkowicz, Senior
Graham S. Gould, Senior
Madelyn M. Gracin, Sophomore
Kiley M. Graham, Junior
Mylee M. Graham, Senior
Allison C. Graver, Junior
Hannah R. Gray, Senior
Charles D. Green, Senior
Jennifer Green, Senior
Sofie R. Green, Sophomore
Joy Gregson, Senior
Mikayla Grieser, Sophomore
Jaden C. Grigg, Junior
Sarah E. Grimes, Senior
Cara J. Grimmer, Senior
Rachael A. Grochowski, Senior
Samantha L. Groenwold, Sophomore
Tyler J. Grose, Senior
Samuel J. Grosskreuz, Junior
Bryce A. Grover, Sophomore
Delaney A. Groves, Senior
Maria L. Grubb, Senior
Sarah L. Gruchow, Sophomore
Grace V. Gruner, Junior
Ana C. Grunewald, Senior
Lauren A. Gulker, Senior
Zoe A. Gum, Senior
Hayley E. Gunnink, Senior
Camryn G. Guth, Junior
Tara E. Haan, Senior
Daniel J. Hagen, Senior
Anna D. Hagner, Senior
Madison Haitsma, Senior
Sally E. Hakim, Senior
Thomas M. Halkyard, Junior
Emma O. Hall, Junior
Sophie M. Hall, Senior
Tatum R. Hamaty, Senior
Laurel A. Hamersma, Senior
Abigail E. Hamilton, Senior
Keaton R. Hamilton, Senior
Cole Hammond, Senior
Grace F. Hannah, Senior
Jessica R. Hanson, Senior
Amelia A. Harkenrider, Senior
Blake D. Harlow, Senior
Emily R. Harper, Senior
Sara G. Harris, Senior
Lydia G. Harrison, Junior
Charlotte R. Hartfiel, Junior
Allison M. Harvey, Senior
Chloe E. Haskins, Senior
Micah D. Hatfield, Sophomore
Tucker E. Hathaway, Junior
Patrick T. Haw, Senior
Camryn Hawes, Senior
Harris C. Hawkins, Junior
Joshua A. Hawkins, Sophomore
Ashley Hayden, Senior
Katherine R. Hayduk, Senior
Anna G. Hayes, Sophomore
Emily Hayward, Sophomore
Peter Hayward, Senior
Megan E. Hazard, Sophomore
Maya A. Hecksel, Senior
Elise M. Hegg, Junior
Stephanie A. Heidel, Senior
Lindsey Heidema, Senior
Alyssa R. Heilmann, Sophomore
Sarah M. Heinowski, Junior
Adam Heisler, Senior
Ethan Henry, Junior
Grace Henry, Sophomore
Jack O. Hensley, Sophomore
Madison N. Hensley, Senior
Emi Herman, Senior
Hannah P. Hess, Senior
William X. Hess, Junior
Madeline G. Heter, Senior
Alyssa A. Hettel, Senior
Abigail L. Hickok, Junior
Molly C. Hidalgo, Senior
Kayla R. Hieras, Sophomore
Berkly L. Higgins, Senior
Claire E. Hile, Sophomore
Sydney M. Hines, Senior
Ryon E. Hinga, Senior
Nhi T. Hoang, Freshman
Jocelyn E. Hobbs, Sophomore
Tia P. Hockenhull, Junior
Caleb L. Hoekstra, Senior
Ella J. Hoekstra, Sophomore
Margaret M. Hoerner, Junior
Sean D. Hoey, Senior
Erin R. Hoffman, Senior
Jasmine Hoffman, Senior
Natalie M. Hoffman, Senior
Nicholas J. Hoffman, Senior
Erica N. Hofman, Senior
Taylor C. Hofman, Senior
Cassandra J. Hogle, Senior
Karley L. Holleman, Sophomore
Ruth E. Holloway, Senior
Abigail M. Holm, Senior
Emma C. Holman, Senior
Stephen D. Hommowun, Senior
Morgan G. Hoogeveen, Senior
JudithMay E. Hooker, Senior
Delaney G. Hope, Sophomore
Samuel J. Hopkins, Senior
Mackenzie G. Horn, Senior
Taylor L. Horn, Senior
Cameron J. Houck, Sophomore
Maggie M. Houseman, Senior
Mary G. Housman, Senior
Kailey Hoving, Senior
Brady M. Howe, Junior
Ryan J. Howe, Sophomore
Austin Howes, Senior
Connor D. Hoyle, Senior
Jayna Hsieh, Senior
Rachel M. Hubbert, Senior
David J. Hudson, Senior
Taylor D. Hudson, Junior
Faith A. Huff, Sophomore
Natalie K. Hufnagel, Junior
Heather B. Hulbert, Senior
Fletcher N. Hulst, Junior
Toby Hulst, Senior
Jenna Hunt, Junior
Tyrese Hunt, Senior
Jaiden Hurst, Senior
Esly N. Hurtado, Sophomore
Kate E. Hutchinson, Sophomore
Parker N. Hutchinson, Sophomore
Lauren A. Hyink, Senior
Grant T. Hylland, Sophomore
Brenda Indekwe, Senior
Rebekah G. Ingersoll, Senior
Lauren M. Isaacson, Senior
Hayley M. Jackson, Junior
Katherine J. James, Senior
Hajin Jang, Senior
Ellie R. Jankowski, Junior
Lindsay Jankowski, Junior
Maddelyn N. Jannusch, Sophomore
Anna N. Janowak, Junior
Ethan H. Jansen, Junior
Catherine E. Jarboe, Senior
Yiwei Jiang, Senior
Samuel J. Joachim, Senior
Nathaniel M. Jobson, Sophomore
Therese A. Joffre, Junior
Demetria A. Johansen, Senior
Bergen A. Johnson, Junior
Braley G. Johnson, Sophomore
Emma E. Johnson, Senior
Fiona C. Johnson, Senior
Kaijsa C. Johnson, Senior
Katherine E. Johnson, Junior
Lillian G. Johnson, Sophomore
Linnea B. Johnson, Senior
Parker S. Johnson, Senior
Rachel E. Johnson, Senior
Ellen C. Johnston, Sophomore
Hannah R. Jones, Senior
Riley N. Jones, Junior
Daniel A. Jongekryg, Senior
Benjamin J. Jonker, Senior
Rebecca Joos, Senior
Kara M. Joseph, Senior
Kai S. Jurgle, Junior
Audrey L. Kaczmarek, Senior
Savanah L. Kaechele, Sophomore
Rita A. Kagaju, Sophomore
Nicholas J. Kaipainen, Sophomore
Brooke E. Kale, Senior
Mackenzie R. Kalinowski, Senior
Kylie Kalleward, Senior
Lydia A. Kalman, Junior
Kathryn G. Kalthoff, Junior
Mary M. Kamara-Hagemeyer, Senior
Catherine M. Kammerer, Sophomore
Evelyn M. Kamradt, Senior
Eli D. Kane, Junior
Emma R. Kane, Junior
Taemin Kang, Senior
Morgann M. Kanouse, Senior
Gabrielle Karel, Senior
Haley M. Katenin, Senior
Luis Kayiteshonga, Senior
Jessica D. Kean, Junior
Aireal K. Keefer, Senior
Jacob M. Kelley, Senior
Mackenzie E. Kellogg, Sophomore
Erin E. Kelly, Sophomore
Grace C. Kennedy, Senior
Olivia C. Kenrick, Sophomore
Alyssa Kerkman, Junior
Amberly N. Keyes, Senior
Sophie E. Kieffer, Senior
Madeline E. Kievit, Junior
Daeun Kim, Sophomore
Wu jin Kim, Sophomore
Arinn C. King, Senior
Emily M. King, Senior
Victoria J. King, Senior
Cosette G. Kinney, Junior
Ellen E. Kirby, Junior
Delaney J. Kirinovic, Senior
Sophie M. Klanseck, Junior
Alyssa L. Klaver, Senior
Jaclyn O. Klinger, Senior
Jenna L. Kloosterman, Junior
Mical L. Knafel, Senior
Justin M. Kneeshaw, Sophomore
Alexis J. Koehl, Junior
Reuben J. Koeman, Senior
Anna E. Koenig, Junior
Andrea T. Koh, Senior
Yuki Kojima, Senior
Madeline L. Kokmeyer, Senior
Carson A. Koning, Senior
Keaton A. Koning, Sophomore
Nathan D. Koorndyk, Junior
Annie A. Kopp, Senior
Tyler J. Koran, Senior
Mackenzie N. Korff, Sophomore
Madison T. Korff, Junior
Gabrielle R. Kosiba, Senior
Gretchen L. Koster, Senior
Natalee J. Kott, Senior
Alec W. Kowalski, Senior
Jacob D. Kowalski, Senior
Paulina Kozan, Senior
Nycole L. Kragt, Sophomore
Nolan J. Krause, Senior
Madeline Kremer, Senior
Haniah Kring, Junior
Kylee A. Krogman, Senior
Vanessa J. Krombeen, Sophomore
Mark N. Krudy, Junior
Abigail G. Krueger, Senior
Natalie F. Krueger, Junior
Jessica V. Kruger, Senior
Kacie J. Kruithof, Senior
Paige N. Kuhn, Senior
Courtney S. Kuipers, Junior
Anna G. Kullman, Senior
Baylee R. Kurzynski, Senior
Macy R. Kuyers, Sophomore
Brant M. Kym, Senior
Abigail C. LaDuke, Senior
Corine M. LaFrenier, Senior
Reilly P. LaGrand, Sophomore
Madhra M. Ladewig, Junior
Mary P. Laffey, Senior
Emily A. Lafnear, Senior
Kworweinski N. Lafontant, Senior
Kaelyn G. Lagerwall, Senior
Ethan J. Laird, Senior
Julia Lalain, Senior
Hannah G. Laman, Sophomore
Kassandra J. Lamar, Sophomore
Emily L. Lambert, Senior
Alexander R. Lams, Sophomore
Edward Landon, Senior
Tarah E. Lang, Junior
Jack P. Langbo, Sophomore
Alison C. Laper, Senior
Sarah G. Lapinski, Junior
Cassidy L. Larson, Junior
Nicolas P. Larson, Senior
Hope Laurencelle, Sophomore
Valeria G. Lee, Senior
Emily N. Leegwater, Sophomore
Isabel Lehmann, Senior
Claire M. Leikert, Senior
Noah Lein, Junior
Taryn K. Letsinger, Sophomore
Hannah G. Lever, Sophomore
Andrew Levering, Senior
Eliza J. Lewis, Junior
Emily C. Lewis, Senior
Molly C. Leyden, Junior
Molly A. Ligon, Senior
Peter C. Lillich, Sophomore
Tyce W. Lindhout, Junior
Emma W. Lindsey, Senior
Hannah M. Lindstrom, Senior
Amanda A. Lines, Junior
Fara Shu Sean Ling, Senior
John A. Lizza, Senior
Joanna R. Locke, Sophomore
Abigail K. Lockie, Senior
Kristina A. Lockner, Senior
Liza J. Lohman, Junior
Chloe N. Long, Senior
Haley R. Longcore, Sophomore
Rachel L. Loomis, Junior
Zachary Lorentsen, Sophomore
Gracien A. Lorincz, Senior
Robyn E. Loselle, Senior
Julia M. Loula, Senior
Olivia T. Lounds, Senior
Jared C. Lowe, Senior
Andrea K. Lowing, Senior
Jiangcheng Lu, Senior
Rebekah D. Ludema, Senior
Christian J. Lundy, Senior
Claire L. Lundy, Senior
Sophia R. Lupini, Junior
Cassidy N. Lusk, Senior
Mary Lyman, Junior
Gina Lynch, Senior
Zachary J. Maderos, Senior
Caroline M. Madison, Sophomore
Claire J. Magnuson, Senior
Jake W. Maibuecher, Junior
Meghan L. Maikowski, Senior
Alessia S. Mainardi, Senior
Abby M. Mains, Junior
Katherine H. Majerus, Senior
Morgan A. Malaga, Senior
Cameron M. Maloney, Junior
Nicolle L. Malson, Junior
Jonathan T. Mann, Senior
Michael J. Mann, Sophomore
Benjamin Mannes, Junior
Madelyn G. Marciniak, Senior
Elizabeth Margason, Senior
Emily C. Marino, Senior
Ellie L. Marion, Sophomore
Crystal A. Mariscal, Junior
Jacob P. Mark, Senior
Hope K. Markley, Junior
Natasha R. Marsh, Sophomore
Olivia J. Martelli, Junior
Petrus J. Martens, Senior
Emily R. Martin, Sophomore
Julia A. Martin, Junior
Jazmin Martinez, Senior
Margaret M. Martino, Senior
Samantha L. Martino, Junior
Anna E. Mason, Junior
Paige A. Massa, Senior
Avery Massie, Senior
Sydney E. Masteller, Sophomore
Michelle N. Mathenge, Senior
Alexander P. Mathew, Sophomore
Maya B. Matulis, Junior
Sydney A. Matuska, Senior
Suihnem Mawi, Junior
Elijah Maxwell, Junior
Holly C. McArthur, Sophomore
Chase J. McBride, Senior
Megan A. McCarthy, Senior
Lauren McCarty, Junior
Grace McConaghie, Senior
Jenna L. McCormick, Sophomore
Libby M. McCormick, Senior
Megan M. McCormick, Senior
Cassidy G. McCoy, Senior
Maura A. McCoy, Sophomore
Jonathan McCrackin, Senior
Patrick McGeehan, Junior
Cory A. McGregor, Senior
Halle T. McGuire, Sophomore
David J. McHugh, Senior
Kaleigh A. McKee, Senior
Grant C. McKenzie, Sophomore
Ella E. McKinney, Junior
Carlie A. McNiff, Senior
Hannah R. Meade, Senior
Abigail W. Meder, Senior
Elijah S. Meder, Sophomore
Chloe E. Meengs, Junior
Jairus Ozara Zebulun Meer, Sophomore
Madison R. Meeron, Senior
Devin M. Meeuwsen, Sophomore
Alyssa Meier, Senior
Collin J. Meiste, Senior
Joseph D. Mekis, Senior
Abigail G. Mendels, Junior
Emily A. Merrick, Senior
Katherine E. Merrill, Junior
Rebecca M. Messiter, Senior
Charles V. Meyaard, Senior
Kimberly J. Meyer, Senior
Taryn Meyer, Sophomore
Zachary D. Meyers, Junior
Katelyn E. Michel, Junior
Charles H. Michels, Junior
Vivien Mickels, Senior
Matthew J. Middleton, Senior
Sarah J. Mikesell, Senior
Caroline L. Milholland, Senior
Margaret G. Millar, Junior
Catherine L. Miller, Senior
Hope A. Miller, Junior
Joshua R. Miller, Senior
Lexi M. Miller, Senior
Rebekah A. Miller, Senior
Victoria Miller, Senior
Adriana Mirabelli, Senior
Mikel W. Miret, Junior
Kirsten E. Miskowski, Junior
Allison E. Mitchell, Senior
Grace E. Mitchell, Junior
Rosemary C. Mitchell, Senior
Hannah N. Mitroff, Senior
Meg M. Moffitt, Sophomore
Kallen L. Mohr, Junior
Anna L. Molloy, Senior
Lydia D. Molloy, Senior
Grace H. Monastra, Sophomore
Cora Moon, Junior
Mary K. Mooney, Senior
Molly E. Mooney, Senior
Emma G. Moore, Sophomore
Erin G. Moran, Sophomore
Megan E. Morehouse, Junior
Dominic Morelli, Senior
Abigail C. Morrow, Sophomore
Kara M. Mosher, Senior
Katherine V. Mouganis, Junior
Gonzalo E. Moya, Senior
Claire L. Muckian, Senior
Makena K. Mugambi, Senior
Kailynn A. Muhr, Senior
Kendall L. Muhr, Senior
Makayla E. Muilenburg, Senior
Bianca M. Muir, Junior
Carly G. Mulder, Senior
Kathryn S. Muller, Senior
Carter C. Mullins, Senior
Evan R. Mulshine, Senior
Emlin R. Munch, Sophomore
Sofia A. Munoz, Senior
Brendan M. Murphy, Senior
Ryan S. Murphy, Junior
Zackary R. Murphy, Senior
Kyla Murray, Sophomore
Carly D. Mursch, Sophomore
Jenna R. Mustapha, Sophomore
Lauren E. Myers, Senior
Leia M. Nakajima, Senior
Kazuki Nakazawa, Senior
Connor J. Naklizki, Junior
Abigail T. Nasari, Senior
Linda A. Nduwimana, Junior
Gabrielle N. Nelson, Sophomore
Rachel Nelson, Sophomore
Sarah N. Nenoff, Senior
Rachel K. Netz, Senior
Katie L. Newcomer, Senior
Haley Newenhouse, Junior
Leah N. Newhof, Senior
Grace Newhouse, Junior
Lauren A. Newman, Senior
Jordan M. Neymeyer, Sophomore
Mary C. Ngoma, Senior
Tiep H. Nguyen, Senior
Paige R. Nielsen, Senior
Victoria J. Nielsen, Sophomore
Annaley M. Nienhuis, Sophomore
Brinley P. Nieuwenhuis, Senior
Madison R. Nise, Senior
Taylor A. Novotny, Junior
Brian Ntwali, Sophomore
Erick J. Nunez, Senior
Jack W. Nurenberg, Senior
Esa J. Nurmi, Junior
Abbie F. Nutter, Junior
Janae E. Nutter, Senior
Rachel S. O'Bryan, Senior
Deborah R. O'Campo, Sophomore
Kacie L. O'Connor, Senior
Madeleine C. O'Donnell, Junior
Megan O'Donnell, Senior
Thomas G. O'Gorman, Sophomore
Julia G. O'Halla, Junior
Hannah K. O'Neil, Senior
Sarah C. O'Neil, Sophomore
Margaret O'Neill, Senior
Jacob F. Ohren-Hoeft, Senior
Sarah Olen, Senior
Meredith M. Olesh, Senior
O'lee E. Olsen, Sophomore
Alexandra A. Olson, Senior
Emily A. Olson, Sophomore
Lily J. Olthof, Sophomore
Liliana I. Olvera, Junior
Olivia L. Onderdonk, Junior
Emma M. Oonk, Senior
Wyatt J. Oonk, Sophomore
Rachel G. Oostindie, Junior
Marilyn G. Orellana, Junior
Katelyn M. Ornduff, Senior
Danielle M. Orr, Senior
Allyson H. Orvis, Junior
Alexandra R. Osborne, Senior
Yui A. Oshida, Sophomore
Amy J. Osterbaan, Senior
McKenna K. Otto, Senior
Grayson S. Owens, Senior
Caitlin S. Paauwe, Senior
Jessica L. Pack, Junior
Trevor S. Palmatier, Senior
Aiden N. Palmer, Senior
Katelynn V. Paluch, Senior
Olivia M. Panozzo, Senior
Addison K. Panse, Senior
Kimberly E. Paquette, Senior
Joshua K. Paquin, Senior
Susan B. Par, Senior
JaeKi E. Park, Sophomore
Grace D. Parmeter, Senior
Isabella Parolini, Senior
Sydney T. Parsons, Sophomore
Tasia R. Parsons, Junior
Emma R. Passaglia, Senior
Marin Pastoor, Senior
Paris I. Patterson, Junior
Houston C. Patton, Junior
Morgan J. Paul, Sophomore
Alexandra K. Paxton, Senior
Katherine Grace Pearce, Senior
Mary A. Pearch, Senior
Timbree M. Pederson, Senior
Catrien M. Peerbolte, Junior
Michaela T. Peil, Senior
Katherine L. Peltz, Senior
Sarah E. Pelyhes, Senior
Anastasia K. Perecki, Senior
Audrey E. Persch, Senior
Sydney N. Peters, Senior
Anna K. Peterson, Senior
Josiah J. Peterson, Senior
Silas T. Peterson, Sophomore
Grace M. Pettinger, Senior
Weston C. Pfeiffer, Junior
Braeden M. Pfeil, Sophomore
Caitlyn M. Phillips, Junior
Maryah M. Phillips, Senior
Andrew C. Pickett, Sophomore
Carly A. Pieri, Senior
Kelly R. Piering, Senior
Jared C. Piersma, Senior
Seth M. Piersma, Senior
Lillian L. Pietryga, Sophomore
Abigail Pineda, Senior
Michael J. Pineda, Senior
Logan Pitsenberger, Junior
Aidan J. Piwnicki, Senior
Alison K. Plasman, Senior
Kyle S. Plaster, Senior
Karlie R. Platz, Junior
Morgan A. Platz, Senior
Molly Poel, Senior
Kaelyn E. Poirier, Senior
Alexandra P. Poland, Senior
Katherine M. Polick, Sophomore
Jared A. Poliskey, Junior
Gina F. Polito, Senior
Andrew D. Porter, Senior
Alyssa M. Potyraj, Senior
Matthew J. Power, Senior
Erin E. Powers, Junior
Jordan M. Powers, Senior
David Price, Sophomore
Carolyn Priebe, Senior
Nicole M. Prihoda, Senior
Laura M. Prince, Sophomore
Nicole M. Proctor, Senior
Grace E. Purdue, Senior
Lucas E. Putnam, Senior
Olivia N. Quillan, Sophomore
AnnaGrace Rachor, Junior
Brenna E. Radke, Sophomore
Jack L. Radzville, Senior
Jane M. Ragains, Senior
Robin H. Ragains, Junior
Megan C. Raisch, Sophomore
Anna K. Rakos, Senior
Abby M. Rakus, Senior
Mackenzie M. Ralston, Senior
Max W. Ralston, Sophomore
Morgan R. Ralston, Sophomore
Erin E. Ramey, Senior
Henry Ramos, Senior
Joshua J. Randle, Senior
Elizabeth M. Rangel, Senior
Madison K. Raymond, Sophomore
Morgan K. Raymond, Senior
Jonas B. Rees, Senior
Danielle P. Reiber, Senior
Kyla D. Reichert, Junior
Andrew D. Reiffer, Sophomore
Sierra E. Reitz, Senior
Grace M. Rellinger, Sophomore
David L. Rende, Junior
Leah Renkema, Junior
Abigail L. Rentfrow, Senior
Christopher G. Rexroth, Senior
Estefany M. Reyes, Sophomore
Hope W. Reynolds, Senior
Mackenzie Rhode, Senior
Stephanie A. Richardson, Senior
Taylor M. Richmond, Senior
Shannon E. Ricker, Sophomore
Jillian E. Ries, Senior
Jessie M. Rietsma, Junior
Zachary J. Riordan, Sophomore
Ada I. Rios, Sophomore
Steve Rios Rojas, Senior
Jordyn T. Rioux, Senior
Zoe R. Ritsema, Junior
Olivia M. Robb, Junior
Carleigh R. Robinson, Senior
Jessica A. Robinson, Senior
John W. Robinson, Sophomore
Julia C. Robleski, Senior
Andrea M. Rocco, Senior
Evan P. Roche, Senior
Matthew N. Roebbelen, Senior
Theodore J. Roffey, Senior
Lydia J. Rolf, Junior
Daniel N. Romano, Junior
Gabriela A. Rose, Junior
Natalie E. Rosenquist, Senior
Sophia K. Rosiek, Junior
Truman E. Ross, Senior
Sophia Rossmiller, Senior
Margaret A. Rott, Senior
Stefanie M. Roudebush, Senior
Brianna R. Rucinski, Sophomore
Madeline G. Rudolph, Senior
Peter Ruffolo, Junior
Rebecca A. Ruimveld, Senior
Luke M. Ruiter, Junior
Peter A. Ruiter, Senior
Ryan T. Ruiter, Senior
Forest D. Rulison, Senior
Ana E. Rumstadt, Senior
Noah R. Russo, Senior
Madelyn P. Ryan, Sophomore
Kennedy B. Sage, Junior
Jana M. Sahyouni, Senior
Manna Sakon, Senior
Elena G. Salazar, Sophomore
Elisabeth Salazar, Sophomore
Eric A. Salisbury, Junior
Mitchell J. Sambaer, Sophomore
Maxwell A. Sanchez, Junior
Bryce J. Sanders, Freshman
Sarah E. Sanders, Senior
Elianna E. Sandman, Junior
Cecilia A. Sanna, Senior
Tia A. Santi, Senior
Hannah R. Santiago, Junior
Isabel L. Santos, Junior
Vanessa Sauer, Senior
Abigail M. Sawdon, Junior
Hope A. Schaaf, Senior
Emma M. Schaefer, Senior
Jessica E. Schamanek, Sophomore
Joel C. Scheneman, Sophomore
Samantha A. Schermerhorn, Junior
Hannah M. Schill, Senior
Emma J. Schmittdiel, Senior
Caleb J. Schoon, Senior
Erik J. Schoonover, Senior
Kenedy M. Schoonveld, Senior
Karsyn Schrag, Senior
Abigail E. Schuen, Senior
Sydney K. Schulte, Senior
Rylee A. Schultz, Senior
Cassidy A. Schumacher, Senior
Emma L. Schuman, Junior
Eric C. Schumann, Senior
Hailey R. Schumann, Senior
Luke L. Schutter, Sophomore
Julia E. Schwark, Senior
Emily L. Schwartz, Sophomore
Justin F. Schweitzer, Senior
Peyton J. Scogin, Senior
Hayley M. Scollard, Senior
Anna G. Scott, Senior
Emily R. Scott, Sophomore
Rachel M. Scott, Sophomore
Mabel H. Scroggins, Senior
Esther Seely, Junior
Rebekah C. Segrist, Senior
Maria Seidl, Senior
Kathryn L. Selenko, Junior
Kesline Senesca, Senior
Rachel N. Sepa, Sophomore
Jazmin Serrano-Miranda, Senior
Matthew Severino, Senior
MacKenna M. Shampine, Junior
Kathryn S. Shantz, Senior
Rachel E. Shaw, Junior
India J. Shear, Senior
Morgan G. Sherrard, Senior
Abigail Sherwood, Senior
Mallory Shinn, Senior
Luke J. Shoemaker, Junior
Hannah C. Shook, Sophomore
Garett D. Shrode, Senior
Hans J. Siebert, Sophomore
Kaylee J. Siebert, Senior
Andrew J. Silagi, Junior
Lesly R. Silva, Senior
Rachel A. Simons, Junior
Emmelyn M. Simpson, Sophomore
Elayna N. Sitzman, Junior
Gillian R. Skiba, Senior
Madison E. Skiles, Junior
Avery A. Slancik, Senior
Ellie E. Slater, Junior
Kylie G. Slavik, Senior
Moya K. Slayton, Sophomore
Sean P. Slayton, Junior
John W. Slevin, Junior
Sydney E. Slusarski, Sophomore
Hannah E. Smaltz, Sophomore
Alexis Smart, Junior
Shelby L. Smego, Sophomore
Bailey R. Smith, Sophomore
Cameron C. Smith, Senior
Cassidy M. Smith, Senior
Chloe R. Smith, Junior
Elijah M. Smith, Sophomore
Emily G. Smith, Junior
Emily K. Smith, Senior
Emily N. Smith, Senior
Isabella Smith, Senior
Kathryn E. Smith, Senior
Madison E. Smith, Senior
Madison R. Smith, Senior
Meghan J. Smith, Senior
Olivia G. Smith, Senior
Abigail A. Smolek, Sophomore
Rylee L. Snellenberger, Sophomore
Kylie E. Sneller, Junior
Aine M. Snoap, Sophomore
Isabel R. Snoap, Senior
Mikaelah S. Snoap, Senior
Lydia A. Snyder, Senior
Terrell M. Solberg, Senior
Stephanie N. Somjak, Sophomore
Yea Geon Song, Sophomore
Yea Rang Song, Senior
Greta R. Sorensen, Senior
Emma K. Sorenson, Sophomore
Charles E. Soucey, Senior
Taylor Spanbauer, Senior
Gianna Spriet, Senior
Lydia Sprik, Senior
Jordyn N. Spruit, Senior
Olivia R. Sprys-Tellner, Sophomore
Charles C. Stafford, Senior
Emma R. Staggs, Sophomore
Grace A. Stalions, Senior
Halee B. Stalmack, Senior
Cole Stalter, Junior
Erin A. Stannis, Junior
Olivia R. Stebbins, Senior
Sutton E. Steensma, Junior
Abigail M. Stein, Senior
Miranda M. Stepchuk, Sophomore
Olivia W. Stephan, Senior
Jared N. Stephenson, Junior
Emma J. Sterk, Junior
Micah J. Sterk, Junior
Elizabeth A. Stevens, Senior
Madison G. Stevens, Senior
Grace K. Stevenson, Senior
Sarah A. Stevenson, Junior
Kelsie S. Stewart, Senior
Maya D. Stille, Sophomore
Jael H. Stilwell, Senior
Jane C. Stockbridge, Junior
Jackson S. Strabel, Junior
Hannah N. Struk, Senior
Juliana M. Struyk, Junior
Elli Stuk, Senior
Hannah L. Sturgeon, Junior
Madeline G. Suhrheinrich, Senior
Megan Summerfield, Senior
Josephine L. Surel, Senior
Micalah Suser, Sophomore
Margaret E. Swafford, Senior
Gabriel Swanson, Senior
Tyler H. Swanson, Senior
Karlee Swatsenbarg, Sophomore
Christiana L. Sweeney, Senior
Nicholas W. Sweeney, Sophomore
Brady S. Swinehart, Junior
Matthew G. Switalski, Senior
Eric W. Symons, Senior
Isabella M. Tafarello, Sophomore
Daniel J. Tague, Senior
Noah Tally, Senior
Rachel C. Tanay, Senior
Alexia Tanner, Senior
Sophia M. Tardani, Senior
Gabriella M. Taylor, Junior
Bethany R. Teague, Sophomore
Piper E. Tech, Junior
Tsega D. Tefera, Senior
Autumn M. TenCate, Senior
Cadence C. Tennant, Junior
Sophia M. Terzes, Senior
Catherine A. Teugh, Senior
Brooke L. Teunis, Senior
Stephanie A. Teuthorn, Senior
Rylee J. Thayer, Senior
Sarah G. Theis, Junior
Zachary J. Theis, Senior
Audrey J. Theye, Senior
Ashleigh M. Thomas, Senior
Evan Thomas, Junior
Kirsten N. Thomas, Senior
Leah R. Thomas, Senior
Nathan G. Thomas, Senior
Nichole M. Thomas, Senior
Olivia G. Thomas, Junior
Alexander M. Thompson, Senior
Emma R. Thompson, Senior
Josiah J. Thompson, Senior
Maggie M. Thompson, Sophomore
Sarah K. Thompson, Senior
Jacob E. Thomson, Senior
Jace Thornton, Senior
Rachel H. Thornton, Sophomore
Jacob M. Thvedt, Sophomore
Danielle R. Timmer, Sophomore
Julie C. Timperman, Junior
Madison Tingle, Senior
Lauren C. Tocco, Sophomore
Brianna E. Tomczak, Sophomore
Ashley M. Trainor, Sophomore
Luong D. Tran, Freshman
Ngoc T. Tran, Freshman
Anna R. Triezenberg, Sophomore
Day C. Tripp, Senior
Lily J. Tripp, Junior
Brenden R. Trojan, Junior
Natalie Trout, Senior
Nathaniel Trumble, Senior
Anastasia R. Tucker, Junior
Heleyna M. Tucker, Junior
Spencer K. Turbin, Junior
Charlotte L. Turner, Junior
Sophie R. Turner, Junior
Natalia Tuttle, Senior
Hannah M. Tyler, Junior
Luke J. Uekert, Senior
Mira J. Upshaw, Sophomore
Kealeigh Usiak, Junior
Armandine Uwimana, Senior
Angelica F. Vaiana, Senior
Vianey G. Valdez Alcantar, Junior
Olivia R. Van Ark, Senior
Seth B. Van Blois, Senior
Allison Van Dam, Senior
Heather E. Van Dort, Sophomore
Jacob D. Van Patten, Sophomore
Brooke E. Van Wyk, Senior
Grace M. VanDellen, Junior
Caleb John VanHeest, Freshman
Megan A. VanHouten, Senior
MeKenna L. VanKoevering, Senior
Leah M. VanOrman, Junior
Josie VanSlooten, Senior
William N. Vance, Junior
Joseph S. VandePol, Senior
Paige E. Vandenberg, Sophomore
Josie A. Vander Kolk, Senior
Blake T. Vander Kuyl, Junior
Sophia G. Vander Veer, Senior
Abigail A. Vander Vliet, Senior
John M. Vander Vliet, Senior
Ivan VanderKolk, Senior
Jacob P. VanderRoest, Senior
Samuel D. VanderWeide, Senior
Case VanderZee, Junior
Autumn R. Vandoornik, Senior
Brendan Veenstra, Sophomore
Samuel E. Vega, Senior
Cameryn E. Veine, Senior
Jessica J. Velazquez, Sophomore
Hans J. Veldman, Senior
Madelyn N. Velting, Junior
Luis J. Ventura, Junior
Shelby M. Verbrugge, Senior
Victor N. Vigil, Sophomore
Joseph Vitacco, Senior
Madelyn M. Vitu, Sophomore
Cassandra Viveen, Senior
Erin K. Vokal, Junior
Samuel G. Vokal, Senior
Grace O. Vollmert, Sophomore
Nathaniel Vorhees, Junior
Clara M. Voskuil, Sophomore
Olivia M. Voskuil, Senior
Emily A. Voss, Senior
Travis J. Voss, Junior
Anna S. Vostrizansky, Senior
Travis M. Vredeveld, Sophomore
Samuel M. Vree, Senior
Phuong Anh Vu, Junior
Amelia Waalkes, Senior
Emma A. Wabel, Senior
Timothy M. Wageman, Junior
Abigail Wallar, Senior
Caitlyn M. Walsh, Senior
Anna M. Walta, Junior
Benjamin Walters, Senior
Annabelle Walton, Sophomore
Caitlyn F. Warne, Senior
Amanda W. Warner, Senior
Savannah G. Warner, Junior
Colton M. Warren, Senior
Justine P. Watson, Senior
Katherine A. Webster, Senior
Sophie M. Webster, Junior
Annika R. Weeber, Sophomore
Whitney R. Wegener, Senior
Margaret L. Wehrmeyer, Sophomore
Nicholas Wehrmeyer, Senior
Nicholas T. Weigle, Senior
Tsion H. Weldetsadik, Sophomore
Gretel A. Weller, Junior
Hannah Weller, Senior
Paul J. Wenderski, Sophomore
Delaney J. Wesolek, Sophomore
Emma K. West, Senior
Marta E. Westlund, Senior
Helen L. Weston, Junior
Tracy Westra, Senior
Lucia M. Wharton, Sophomore
Jacqueline M. Wheeler, Junior
Rachel M. Wheeler, Junior
Lauren E. Whelan, Senior
Audrey S. White, Senior
Sydney White, Junior
Haley A. Whitmore, Senior
Gerrit S. Wiegerink, Senior
Hogan S. Wierda, Junior
Zachary Wiggins, Senior
Abigail Wila, Senior
Kamaron E. Wilcox, Senior
Rose Wilcox, Senior
Mia N. Wiley, Senior
Mellany J. Wilkinson, Junior
Isaac J. Willemsen, Junior
Jacob Willemsen, Senior
Kareem J. Williams, Sophomore
Mackenzie T. Williams, Sophomore
Madelyn E. Williams, Junior
Nathan J. Willit, Senior
Henry T. Wilms, Sophomore
Abigail K. Wilson, Junior
Isabella R. Wilson, Senior
Julia A. Wilson, Senior
Reuben Wilson, Senior
Sophia L. Winn, Senior
Anna F. Wiseley, Senior
Gretchen L. Woell, Junior
Kayla M. Wolma, Sophomore
Adam J. Wolok, Junior
Gabriel R. Wolthuis, Sophomore
Ana R. Wong, Sophomore
Beverly S. Wong, Junior
Ashley E. Wood, Sophomore
Jacob D. Woodford, Senior
Ashley M. Wrobel, Junior
Grace V. Wunderlich, Junior
Aliyeh N. Wyatt, Sophomore
Zachery R. Wylie, Senior
Joryn Wynsma, Senior
Madelyn M. Yakes, Sophomore
San Seong Yang, Senior
Jonathan E. Yepez, Senior
Sophia P. Yergin, Senior
Danait T. Yonas, Senior
Jordan N. Young, Senior
Rebekah A. Yurschak, Junior
Amelia E. Zagotta, Sophomore
Laura G. Zak, Sophomore
Ashley C. Zardus, Senior
Sophia E. Zavattero, Junior
Francesca Zeitler, Senior
Camryn E. Zeller, Senior
Allison R. Ziemba, Sophomore
Corri C. Zimmerman, Junior
Megan E. Zinn, Senior
Christina P. Ziskey, Senior
Carly D. Zondervan, Sophomore
Grace M. Zwiers, Senior
Dirk A. Zylstra, Senior
Lilia C. Zylstra, Sophomore
William G. Zywicki, Senior
William W. von Seeger, Senior