Student researchers at Hope College have won two regional awards for excellence from the Midwestern chapter of Psi Chi, the International Honor Society in Psychology for student-faculty collaborative research projects.

They are being honored for research that they conducted with members of the college’s psychology faculty.  They will receive the awards during the annual meeting of the Midwestern Psychological Association, which is scheduled to be held on Thursday-Saturday, April 21-23, in Chicago, Illinois.

Hope students have won the highly competitive awards during 19 of the past 23 years, with multiple awards in 11 of those years.  Only 27 entries were honored this year from among more than 550 submissions.

Seniors Ellie Margason of Hinsdale, Illinois, and Zach Wiggins of Kalamazoo are being honored for their project “Does Affirming Privileged Groups Make Them More Sympathetic to Outgroups’ Explanations about Racism?” They conducted the work mentored by Dr. Mary Inman, professor of psychology.

Senior Sabrina Blank of Traverse City is being honored for her project “Forgive, Fall Asleep, and Flourish: Overcoming Rumination through Compassion.” She conducted the work mentored by Dr. Andrew Gall, associate professor of psychology; and Dr. Charlotte vanOyen Witvliet, who is the Lavern ’39 and Betty DePree ’41 Professor of Psychology.

The award-winning students are among 12 individual students or student teams from Hope who will make research presentations during the event.

Hope College 2022 PSI CHI/MPA Conference student-research presentations. Note: The faculty members who mentored the research are listed in parentheses.

“Getting by with a Little Help from My Friends: Examining Links among Body Talk and Affirmation in Secular and Religious Settings on Women’s Body Satisfaction”
Demetria Johansen, Dylan Sherman
(Mary Inman)

“Does Affirming Privileged Groups Make Them More Sympathetic to Outgroups’ Explanations about Racism?”
Ellie Margason, Zachary Wiggins
(Mary Inman)

“Health Implications of deidentifying from religion for young adults”
Amy Osterbaan
(Alyssa Cheadle)

“There’s no place like dorm: Actual-ideal dorm ambiance discrepancy as a unique predictor of psychological well-being in undergraduate students”
Brynn Anderson, Kayla Brady, Elliana Hamilton
(Benjamin Meagher)

“The psychological costs of holding views with humility”
Matt Severino, Sabrina Blank, Yuki Kojima, Kirsten Miskowski
(Daryl Van Tongeren)

“The Influence of Parent Characteristics on Implicit and Explicit Partner Preferences”
Taylor Clarke, Jennifer Almquist
(Carrie Bredow)

“Screen time and college students’ mental health before and during the COVID-19 shutdowns”
Andrea Rocco, Natalie Ramsay, Mikenna Davidson, Corine LaFrenier, Elijah Maxwell, McKenna Bartley, Hannah Meade
(Sonja Trent-Brown)

“A retrospective and prospective study of physical health activity and health indicators during the COVID-19 shutdown: a holistic approach”
Andrea Rocco, Elijah Maxwell, Corine LaFrenier, Natalie Ramsay, Mikenna Davidson, McKenna Bartley, Hannah Meade
(Sonja Trent-Brown)

“Attitudes towards the outdoors: College students’ trends before and during the pandemic shutdowns”
Hannah Meade, McKenna Bartley, Natalie Ramsay, Mikenna Davidson, Corine LaFrenier, Andrea Rocco, Elijah Maxwell
(Sonja Trent-Brown)

“Word scenes”
Jordan Demrose, Mikenna Davidson, Natalie Ramsay, Danielle Mitchell
(Sonja Trent-Brown)

“Forgive, Fall Asleep, and Flourish: Overcoming Rumination through Compassion”
Sabrina Blank
(Andrew Gall, Charlotte vanOyen Witvliet)

“Hope for the Future: Lived Hopes Fulfilled Predict Greater State Hope, Self-Regulation, and Flourishing”
Isabel Santos, David Rende, Caitlyn Phillips, Onnah Dereski
(Lindsey Root Luna)

Psi Chi is an international organization of professionals, scientists, faculty, students, and alumni whose mission is to recognize and promote excellence in the science and application of psychology.  Founded in 1929, the society has chartered more than 1,150 chapters at colleges and universities across the United States as well as abroad, and more than three quarters of a million lifetime members. The honor society’s chapters are grouped within six regions: Eastern, Midwestern, Rocky Mountain, Southeastern, Southwestern and Western. The Midwestern Region includes Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, Wisconsin and Ontario, Canada.

Hope’s chapter was chartered in 1965.  The chapter is advised by Dr. Lindsey Root Luna, who is an associate professor of psychology and department chair.  Root Luna is also vice president of the Midwestern Region, with responsibilities that include planning the Psi Chi programming during the MPA convention.