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2022 Nov

  1. Academics

    How to Pass the Cranberries and Skip the Argument

    Hoping to help Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner feel more like Norman Rockwell’s “Freedom from Want” than a cage fight even though your relative has started talking politics? Want to keep things civil when your co-worker brings up religion? Looking for an all-year approach to life that combines increased confidence with increased kindness? Then “Humble” by Dr. Daryl Van Tongeren of the Hope College psychology faculty may be the book for you.

2022 Oct

  1. Academics

    “How Do We Know Ourselves?” Explores the Wonders of the Human Mind

    With a conversational approach and bite-sized chapters, “How Do We Know Ourselves?” by psychologist Dr. David Myers of the Hope College faculty makes it easy to find psychology’s answers to questions ranging from why we misinterpret song lyrics to why it can be so difficult to change someone else’s — or one’s own — opinion.

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