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World Christian Lecture Series

World Christian Lecture Series logoThe World Christian Lecture Series invites recognized individuals who are leaders in their respective disciplines to join with the Hope and Holland communities in exploring issues, themes and ideas that face Christians in the world.

This annual lecture series seeks to provide a forum to inspire theological reflection, as well as provide the opportunity to engage with those who have made a significant contribution to culture as Christians.

Speakers include Christian scholars, artists, politicians and industry and church leaders. The World Christian Lecture Series is funded through an endowment at the college established by an anonymous donor who supports Hope College’s continued mission to educate students for global leadership in the context of the historic Christian faith.

Previous Speakers

2017 – Nicole Baker Fulgham
Education Equity: A Christian Response – March 5–6, 2017
2016 – Dr. Gabriel Salguero
Daniel and Esther: The Impact of Migration on the U.S. Church – March 7, 2016
2015 – Dr. Kara E. Powell
Nurturing a Sustainable Faith: A Research-Driven Approach to Long-Term Faith in Young People – February 25, 2015
2014 – Kenneth G. Elzinga
Doing Good by Doing Well: From Adam to Adam Smith – January 23, 2014
Fall 2012 – Jeremy Begbie
Reshaping Lament: Music and the Way to Joy – November 14, 2o12
Spring 2012 – Makoto Fujimura
On Visual Theology: My Journey with Illumining the Four Holy Gospels – March 12, 2012
2011 – Dr. Vinoth Ramachandra
Unmasking Idols: The World Church as a Prophetic Community – February 18, 2011
2009 – Rev. Dr. Samuel Wells
"Not Even in Israel Have I Found Such Faith": A Christian Vision for Faith among Other Faiths – September 25, 2009