Hope College and Western Theological Seminary are partnering to offer The Hope-Western Prison Education Program, an initiative that provides a Christian liberal arts education to long-term incarcerated men.

A group of students from the Hope-Western Prison Education Program

Forward video to 12:57 to listen to an interview on how education impacts incarcerated people.

“The trumpet has sounded! The call to a college education beckons, offering me a ride out of the abyss. A Hope College education offers an opportunity to regenerate my soul, edify my spirit, and bolster my ability to be of service to others.” —Student, 2019

The program seeks to renew minds and form new persons while transforming the prison,  the college, the seminary and the West Michigan community into places where righteousness and peace embrace.

The Hope-Western Prison Education Program engages its students at the Muskegon Correctional Facility in an academically challenging curriculum while also focusing on moral rehabilitation and spiritual formation. Students will enroll in coursework to earn a bachelor’s degree with standards as rigorous as those expected of Holland-based Hope College students.

Most of my life has been a journey in the hope of finding something greater than myself. Getting a college education would provide me with the tools necessary to truly complete my journey… to be a better man… to be a bigger person than I once was… to contribute to the world around me in a more positive way… to be what God intended me to be: His true and faithful servant.” —Student, 2019