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Alpha Gamma Phi

The women of the Alpha Gamma Phi sorority

Quick Facts

  • Letters – ΑΓΦ
  • Nickname – Alpha Gams
  • Motto – Friendship, Anchor of our Strength
  • Colors – Forest green and gold
  • Founding Year – 1957


On May 12, 1957, a new Greek organization emerged among a growing Hope College: Alpha Gamma Phi. The name originated from the Greek words for Anchor, Stability, and Faith.

Friendship is the fundamental bond for any group. Ergo, "Friendship, Anchor of our Strength" stands as our motto. Our crest is composed of an anchor, a pine tree and a golden chain. The anchor represents Hope College and our association with the school. The pine tree represents strength, with each point of the pine tree a principle upon which the sorority was founded. The golden chain represents the bonds and strengths of friendship. The sorority colors are forest green and gold; these symbolize the pine tree, anchor of friendship and the golden chain of friendship. The yellow carnation was selected as our flower to exhibit our sorority colors.

Our relationship with our brothers, the Knickerbockers, began in the spring of 1997, after severing our ties with the Arcadian Fraternity.

The Eight Principles upon which we were founded:

  • Friendship
  • Caring for our body
  • Caring for our mind
  • Service
  • Love
  • Fellowship
  • Loyalty
  • Faith


We believe that friendship is the anchor of our strength; We believe that through this strength we can use our bodies and minds to uphold the principles for which we stand; We believe that through fellowship, one with another, we can attain our purposes, the motivating force of our lives as a sorority; We believe that our lives can manifest service and love to all as we place our faith in God; Thus, we look to Alpha Gamma Phi, our sorority, as an anchoring root for which we are strengthened for a richer and fuller life.