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Alpha Phi Zeta

Quick Facts

  • Letters – AΦZ
  • Nickname – Aletheans
  • Motto – Truth and Love
  • Colors – Rose and Blue (formal); pink and blue (informal)
  • Founding Year – 1924


On April 15, 2019, the Alethean Sorority was reestablished on Hope College's campus after being inactive for 78 years. The Alethean Sorority was originally active on campus between the years of 1924–1941.

During the Spring 2019 Rush season, it became evident that there was a high interest in Greek life on Hope College's campus, however, there was not enough opportunity for women to be involved. This inspired the idea of reestablishing the Alethean Sorority in order to provide more opportunity.

When first established, the Alethean Sorority was based on the values of Truth and Love, represented by the letters Alpha and Phi. While keeping these values in mind, the Alethean Sorority believed that it was important to add another value in honor of the reestablishment: Mentorship, represented by the letter Zeta. This value is near and dear to the heart of Alethean members, as it represents the loving community of women supporting each other in life's journey.

The Alethean Sorority is proud to live life cheerfully while putting good work and service into their community.


I believe in the Blue and the Rose, the symbols of truth and love. I believe in sincerity of character and earnestness of purpose. I believe in fostering good will and fellowship with all young people. I believe in joy of living. I believe in upholding faith and honor. I believe in service and furthering a worthy cause. I believe in strength to meet defeat. I believe in playing life’s game squarely and cheerfully. Therefore, I believe in ALETHEA.