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Delta Phi

The women of the Delta Phi sorority

Quick Facts

  • Letters – ΔΦ
  • Nickname – Delphis
  • Motto – Unity, Love and Tradition
  • Colors – Navy and gold
  • Founding Year – 1910
  • Brother Fraternity – Phi Kappa Alpha (Cosmopolitan)


The Delta Phi Sorority is a sisterhood built on years of unity, integrity and tradition. With establishment based on the literary and cultural development of the members, Delta Phi creates a bond that enables the individual growth of each woman. Delphis are actively involved in contributing to the community, pursuing campus involvement and holding positions within the organization. Amid the busy schedules, Delphis always make spending time together a priority.


We believe in true friendship with our fellow men; We believe in scholarship; We believe in booklore and wisdom not found in books; We believe in health; We believe in exercise in the open air; We believe in laughter; We believe in generous admiration and strong enthusiasm; We believe in fair play; We believe in honor as the guiding principle in all situations; We believe in social life; We believe in all forms of social activity that truly enrich the lives of those who participate; We believe in courtesy; We believe in the old adage, "The highest culture is to speak no ill"; We believe in character; We believe in God as the great source of life and light.