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Kappa Beta Phi

The women of the Kappa Beta Phi sorority

Quick Facts

  • Letters – ΚΒΦ
  • Nickname – Dorians
  • Motto – Simplicity of manner, strength of purpose, beauty of character
  • Colors – Lavender and gold (formal); purple and white (informal)
  • Founding Year – 1921
  • Brother Fraternity – Alpha Theta Chi (Centurian)


The Dorian Society was organized at Hope in 1921. The name Dorian represents that which is highest, finest and simplest. The Doric column, notable for its strength, simplicity and beauty, became the symbol of the society. Lavender and gold were chosen as the society's official colors and the yellow rose became the symbol of Dorian Friendship.

In 1941, the Dorian Society became a sorority with the Greek Letters Kappa (love and community) Beta (loyalty and reliability) Phi (friendship). The sorority adopted the wearing of lavender and yellow pledge pins in 1954, followed by the adoption of the sorority crest in 1961.

Dorian was the first sorority at Hope to break away from the classic sorority uniform style. Dorian was also the first to request a sorority house on campus. Hope College agreed to give the sorority a house in the fall of 1970. Dorian was temporarily given Kleis Cottage as their first sorority house.

Due to widespread conflict over the Vietnam War and civil rights issues felt on campuses across the nation, the Dorian Sorority found themselves divided. On February 18, 1971, the final decision to disband was made as a result of internal conflict, financial problems, changing needs and different interests.

Fortunately, a group of women who shared the values and ideals of Dorian came together to reinstate the sorority in 1988. After many meetings with Panhel, the group succeeded in bringing the Kappa Beta Phi Sorority back to Hope College. They were given Albers Cottage as a new home for the sorority. Over a decade later, Dorian is alive and well on Hope's Campus carrying out the ideals of Kappa Beta Phi.


I believe in the triumph of womanhood; In woman's honored place in the world; In the Christ whose love has elevated her position to one of purity. I believe in the power of high ideals; I believe that sympathy and unselfishness should dominate my actions toward all; That friendship is one of the most precious gifts of life; Therefore I believe that I should be broadminded and fair; Confining my friendships not to the circle of Dorian; But reaching out to all humanity. I believe that my life should be lived, not for self, but for others; I believe in the possibility of self-development; I believe in myself; I believe in others. I believe in a strong body, a keen mind, a pure heart. I believe in simplicity of manner, In strength of purpose, and in beauty of character, And so — I believe in Dorian.