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Before You Arrive

August will be here before you know it. Stay on top of the information before you arrive!

10 Things You Need to Know (or Do) to Prepare for College

  1. Take time to think about and prepare for the transition to college. Here’s some advice from Hope’s president and Student Life staff.
  2. Learn how to navigate your wellness at Hope. Resources at Hope like the Health Center, Campus Ministries, Dining Services, and Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) are described by our experts in this recorded livestream. 
  3. Find out more about living on campus! Look out for the link to the July 14 Residential Life and Student Life recording in your Hope email and on YouTube!
  4. Talk with your future roommate. Figure out what you will need to bring to college. Use this packing list as a guide, but be sure to coordinate with your roommate as well! You can also read more about tips, tricks and things Adriana and Cam recommend you pack in the FAQ Friday blog posts
  5. After you get your class schedule, buy your books from Hope’s Bookstore. You can pick them up during staggered move-in and Orientation weekend. 
  6. Check your Hope email. Tell your favorite adult about the latest information in Tuesday Tidings
  7. Pay your bill. Here is some information from Business Services for how students can access their bills, different payment options and how to make a parent or guardian an “authorized user.”
  8. Take a deep breath. You can do this. Believe in yourself. Ask for help
  9. Be ready to wear a mask on campus. It is our responsibility to do our part to protect our community. You can start by mastering the art of “smiling with your eyes” :)
  10. Email orientation@hope.edu with any questions you might have!

Family during Orientation