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Mortar Board

Hope College is home to the Dianne Portfleet Alcor chapter of Mortar Board, a national senior honor society.

Mortar Board is a national honor society that recognizes college seniors for their achievements in leadership, scholarship and service. Eligible juniors are invited to apply for membership in late fall, and new members are formally inducted in the spring before their senior year. Members contribute to the local and global communities through organized events and fundraisers while encouraging pursuit of scholarship and learning what leadership looks like in today's society.


Mortar Board was founded in 1918 as a senior honor society to recognize individuals with distinguished abilities and achievements in scholarship, leadership and service. The purpose of the society is to:

  • Facilitate cooperation among senior honor societies on a national scale
  • Contribute to the self-awareness of its members
  • Promote equal opportunities among all peoples
  • Emphasize the advancement of the status of women
  • Support the ideas of the college
  • Advance the spirit of scholarship
  • Recognize and encourage leadership
  • Promote service and to establish the opportunity for a meaningful exchange of ideas as individuals and as a group

Over 250,000 members have been inducted into the 231 chapters of Mortar Board nationwide since its formation in 1918.

The Dianne Portfleet Alcor chapter has existed at Hope College since 1936, but it was not recognized by the national Mortar Board organization until 1961. Originally called the Alcor chapter, the group at Hope College was renamed after its former co-adviser, Dianne Portfleet, in 2016. The chapter has received multiple awards each year for the past several years, including the prestigious "Ruth Weimer Mount Chapter Excellence Award" in 2010.

Current Members
  • Abigail Rachor
  • Addison Duda
  • Addison Huss
  • Alexa Bushong
  • Alexandra Vroom
  • Allison LoPrete
  • Allison VanderStoep
  • Amanda Bentley
  • Analise Sala
  • Carolyn Williams
  • Catherine Coddington
  • Ciara Brennan
  • Daniel Foy
  • Eliza Beird
  • Emily Sherburn
  • Emma Jones
  • Grace Kunkel
  • Hannah Duiven
  • Hannah Town-Bowen
  • Heather Troester
  • Irene Gerrish
  • Isabel Bustamante
  • Jaclynn Malson
  • Jacob Stid
  • Jake Birkhaug
  • John DeMaagd
  • Justin Merriman
  • Kirstin Anderson
  • Lillianne Vogt
  • Mackenzie Schmidt
  • Madison Lynema
  • Matthew Olson
  • Matthew Schuiling
  • Max Huffman
  • Monika DeWitt
  • Murphy Stadelmaier
  • Rachel Brumagin
  • Rebecca Chema
  • Rebecca Johnson
  • Riley Draper
  • Samantha Stall
  • Sarah Lundy
  • Tristan Tobias
Traditional Events
  • CASA Pumpkin Carving
  • Alumni Book Drive
  • Friendship Prom
  • Basketball Tournament Arbol del Rio
  • Last Lecture Series
  • International Student Thanksgiving Dinner
  • Mortar Board Awareness Week
  • Frolf Tournament
  • Wearing of the Blue Breakfast
  • Leadership and Scholarship Series
  • Faculty and Staff Appreciation Reception